Fun and Easy Way to Learn English Faster

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English is the most spoken language worldwide. It is the official language of around 53 countries. Being able to speak english instantaneously expands your ability to communicate with people from different countries around the world. One of the subjects that has resisted us all since school has always been languages, more specifically English. This is because for a long time language learning was not something especially valued. Teaching English at home provides the childrens with good support that they gradually need before learning the language, helping them to become familiar when they grow up. Knowing english will increase their job opportunities. Apart from these, the child will be confident to face the world.

Some parents are concerned that their own level in this language is not up to par, but, as I have seen, your dedication and enthusiasm are the first and most important steps in making your child want to learn it.

Today we carry an inferiority complex that makes it difficult for us to launch ourselves into talking about it, we are ashamed of the simple fact of being wrong.

The same situation applies to children, so we want to give you some tips to overcome fears, shame and more importantly, without getting bored. There are tips on how learning for kids can be effective. Let us see some learning techniques below.


Tips to Teach English

Learning starts at home

In general, the sooner a child begins to learn at home, the easier it will be. Although logically the techniques that we use may vary slightly depending on the age of the child, in any case they will have as a common element that learning is based on activities that the child finds interesting and fun. Imposing a rigid method of study or learning on a child is totally inadvisable and can achieve results contrary to those desired. There are many ways on how to learn english, from where to learn and whom to ask. Here are some ideas that you may find useful.


The first trick seems very obvious, but we could not ignore it. It is very important that children become familiar with the english vocabulary from an early age.

In this way, we will create a strong base and vocabulary from scratch, consolidating the concepts in the mind and thus getting the ear accustomed to the different sounds of English.


Establishing a routine or time for English at home can help make it a habit. To do this, you can start with a series of phrases or songs in this language that indicate that it is time to dedicate some time to English. With varied, fun and short sessions, of no more than 15 minutes for the little ones, it will be easier for you to keep your child''s attention and interest.

Little and often: that''s the key. If you use English regularly throughout the day at times when your child expects it, learning will be much more enjoyable. For example, you can include a bedtime story.



A great learning method to teach children English is to read stories with clear and colorful illustrations or other visual elements, which will also provide a very enjoyable time for all of you.

Children like to listen to stories that already sound familiar to them, so rereading stories over and over again not only ensures your audience''s satisfaction, but is also great for reviewing vocabulary and syntactic structures in a welcoming and familiar environment.

Get started interactively and invite your child to participate with simple questions about the illustrations, such as “ Where''s the blue dog? ”(“ Where is the blue dog ”). Through the use of repetition, children become more and more comfortable and are encouraged to tell the parts of the story that they already recognize.

In addition to stimulating their imagination, reading or being read to in English allows children to develop fundamental listening skills by hearing new words and grammatical structures.

Rhymes and songs

Thanks to the rhymes and songs in English, you will have the opportunity to recite or sing to your child (or with him) small phrases that are repeated in a simple, natural and spontaneous way. In addition to entertaining and having a lot of fun with them, they will be great for practicing without realizing the rhythm, accent and intonation of this language.

As soon as they hear a rhyme or song a few times, children begin to hum or sing it right away, and if they have a visual aid, such as an animated video or a puppet, they understand the lyrics much better.



The applications are entertaining, immersive and interactive, and can be easily used to complement language learning at any age. From the mobile device that you prefer to use, children (and not so young) can access activities with which they will practice vocabulary, numbers and sounds, as well as interactive games and stories. If you relate these activities to the topics your child is learning and their hobbies, you will see how their desire to participate and their enthusiasm increase.

Your takeaway...

It is important not to force the situation, we have to ensure that they perceive the language in a positive way and that learning English becomes something comfortable and fun.

However, if we force it, we will run the risk of them closing in on the band and perceiving it more than as a game as a punishment. In the same way, it is counterproductive to force them to speak until they decide to do so, but want to answer, nothing happens, the important thing is that they let go little by little.

We hope that this information has been helpful to you and makes the difficult task of teaching English to primary and nursery school children more enjoyable . If you have any queries, please feel free to reach out to us and we will be more than happy to be of assistance. Happy Parenting.

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Fun and Easy Way to Learn English Faster

Fun and Easy Way to Learn English Faster

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