Fun activities to promote writing skills in child

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Writing is an important part of education.It is a mandatory skill to develop as it provides children an outlet for their creative ideas. Do you feel that your child struggles with writing? Your child might have trouble in shaping thoughts into words or spell those words correctly, this sometimes can frustrate kids. There are so many things you can do to help your child work on their writing and enhance their writing skill at home.Well, in this blog we will discuss how you can promote the writing skills of your child. 


 Writing habits can help your child not only to succeed academically but also helps them to polish their creative side and enhance their critical thinking.

Writing activities that are appropriate for preschoolers include copying letters, drawing pictures, or simple writing activities. Encouraging your child to write will help them in building their fundamental skills.Through these activities, they will also develop their imagination and creativity which will be helpful when they become primary school students.


Here are 5 fun activities to promote writing skills in child

 Letter writing

It might sound a little old school, but writing letters will definitely help your child to boost their writing skill. Type or write a letter to your child and they reply with a letter addressed to you. This will teach them the format of letter writing.

Start with 3-5 sentences initially. You can increase their writing capacity gradually until they can finish writing an entire page by themselves. 


Encourage them to write a story:

Story writing is one of the best ways to teach children how to put their thoughts into words. To do this, choose any story or book that you think your child would enjoy most such as ''The Gruffalo '', ''Room on the Broom'' or ''The Tiger Who Came To Tea''. Let your child play the role of different characters in the story. Don''t forget to make them talk, walk and behave like their characters. You can also expand on this writing activity by writing down some questions about the story for your kids out of which they have to pick one and answer it. This writing activity works well if you are teaching simple writing skills to toddlers who are just beginning with words.


Play “tell me how” with them:

In this fun activity, your child pretends she’s writing to an alien living on mars who doesn’t know anything about our culture. This alien does everything exactly as it instructed. Your child is supposed to choose a regular task, like brushing teeth or combing hair. Then, the child needs to write step-by-step directions for that alien about how to do that particular task. When they are done, you get to be the alien and  follow the exact steps written by your little one. 

 Promote diary or journal writing skills:

You can encourage your child to keep a diary or maintain a journal by writing down one big event each day. This could be as simple as something like ''Went for a walk with mommy'' and as specific as ''Walked to the park on Monday''. 

Encourage your kids to write about what they did, saw, and who they met that day. You must help them form letters each day and write their diaries every morning either together with you or independently if they''re older than three years of age. If your kid loves writing and you think writing out their activities is helping them make sense of their world, then why not try writing it up in a more formal way such as at the back of a writing pad? This way, they can choose to draw pictures around it if they so wish or just write out the story in their writing. This should be saved and used as writing material that you can save for them to read when they are older.


 Get them write screenplays for fun!

There are now lots of applications available on most devices today which make writing out scripts incredibly easy and fun too. Your kid might love writing out storylines based on video games they enjoy playing or they might want to create a story starring a character created by their own imagination. This activity helps your children to express their creativity and uniqueness.

 Encourage writing notes

Handwritten notes are far more personal than something typed up on a computer. Encourage your child to write their experience of trips or outings, and describe what they saw, using all their five senses. This could include a description of a walk on the beach, trekking on hills, or other events.




Promoting writing skills in kids is important and the above writing ideas are a great way to get your child writing without it feeling like writing. This will enhance their writing skills and will help them apply writing in a fun and interesting way.

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