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It is no secret that travelling with kids can be a daunting task. Whether you are taking a family vacation or going on a business trip, there are many things to consider when planning your itinerary. The best way to prepare for the experience of travelling with children is by doing some research beforehand and coming up with an action plan. If you want to avoid making any mistakes while travelling, here are 12 top travelling tips.


Top 12 travelling tips for you and your kids

Following are the top 12 travelling tips for you and your kids:

1. Sensitivity to foods


One of the foremost travelling tips include making a list of your children''s allergies and sensitivities to certain foods, clothes or other items. You must consult with their doctor before beginning the trip. This will help you avoid any accidents during the journey.

2. Pack enough luggage


Pack only enough luggage for each child to make them feel like they are an integral part of this experience. You should also try to include some activities inside your luggage such as colouring books, picture books, and board games which can be used when waiting at airports, restaurants, etc… If possible do not check in all your bags; it may cause delays if one gets lost! The best way would be to keep it under supervision even while travelling on public transportations such as trains, busses, etc…

3. Prepare their meals that they love


Prepare their favourite meals before leaving if you are travelling by car. If your children have food allergies or diet restrictions this is even more important! Bring healthy snacks for them to eat during the trip and make sure they know where these snacks are at all times! It may also be helpful to prepare a plan with places where you can stop along the way to feed them properly. Try not to forget paper towels as well; accidents do happen especially when kids are young!!

4. Keep things light-hearted

Keep things light-hearted while travelling on long journeys because it will help keep everyone calm and happy throughout the journey. Encourage conversations about what’s going around or simply sing sombre songs together. These will surely be great travelling tips for your family.

5. Play car games with kids


One of the best travelling tips while with kids would be when driving is by playing car games, there are many fun ones out there that will help you all have a blast while on your road trip!

6. Bring them some favourite toys


Bring along some of their favourite toys or board games to play with each other in the car. Make sure they are age-appropriate if it’s for younger children and always include them in the conversation so they don’t feel left out. For older children bring something like an iPad loaded with movies or TV Shows onto which everyone can binge watch at night time after dinner has been cooked!! It doesn''t have to be anything fancy, just make sure its battery lasts long enough for the entire journey; you''ll then manage to keep the kids occupied for hours!!

7. Be prepared! 

This sounds like a no-brainer but sometimes it’s easy to forget that you may need essentials while on your road trip. Make sure before you leave, check with everyone in your family what they think are essential items and be ready if someone forgets their brush or shampoo, etc.

8. Have fun! 

Kids love playing games (see above) so make up some traditions of your own along the way; sing songs together, play ''I spy'', act out movies as you go... Let them know this is time well spent even though it can seem long at times - especially for children who have just started school. So, for kids, playing games while traveling is one of the best travelling tips.

9. Pack your games ahead of time.

If you are stuck in the car for hours on end, it’s no fun to play with crayons or colouring books that have seen better days! Make sure they are packed away until needed and when they do come out make them feel special by letting them know this is a super important game

10. Pillow is all you need

A pillowcase can become anything, even a sleeping bag if there isn''t an extra blanket around - trust me my kids love these makeshift items especially at bedtime when I''ve run out of blankets. Add some imagination into what could be boring travel times with little ones!

11. Keep diapers with you

For younger children who may not be potty trained yet (and let me tell ya there are days like that!) - make sure you have a few diapers or training pants in your bag for long trips. You don''t want any accidents to ruin the fun!

12. Bring their favourite toys

Bring along some of their favourite toys, even when they fall asleep be sure they know these items will not leave with them at the end of the journey. This is also one of the much-needed travelling tips.



You and your kids can have a great time on the road by following these top 12 travel tips. Whether you’re driving to grandma’s house or flying around the world, travelling with children is an exciting experience that doesn''t need to be stressful. With just some preparation and planning ahead of time, there''s no reason why your family vacation should not be one of the best memories of your life! We hope this list has helped get started when it comes to preparing for travel with young ones.

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