Different ways to make learning more interesting for preschoolers

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If you are a teacher, parent, or someone who works with preschoolers, you have probably noticed that they can quickly get bored. So, to make their learning more enjoyable, teachers and parents have to do something different and innovative. So, here in this blog post, we will discuss how to make preschool learning activities interesting for them by exploring ten different ways to do this!


What is meant by Preschool Learning Activities?


Preschool learning activities are the tasks performed by teachers, parents, or other people (for example, babysitters) to teach children aged between two and five years of age. These tasks could be anything like playing with toys, teaching them songs & rhymes, etc. If we talk about their academic part, it includes reading books for kids, making them solve simple math problems such as addition and subtraction, showing interest in drawing, etc.


Top 10 ways to make preschool learning activities more interesting


Following are the top 10 ways to make preschool learning activities more interesting:

  1. Make use of toys that are designed for little kids. For example, if you want to teach them about colours, buy paints and crayons in different colours or get a giant puzzle to help them learn the colour names quickly.
  2. Use songs & rhymes to make learning fun for preschoolers because it is something that they love doing - listening to music! So find some easy nursery rhyme/song lyrics on the internet and sing along with your child while he tries to recreate them using his own words.
  3. Sometimes, all we need to do is listen carefully to what our children tell us during their daily conversation, so we know more about their interests and preferences than trying everything possible just because it says suitable for development. Don''t be afraid to make a mess and let them explore different art mediums such as fingerprint, dough, sand, etc.
  4. Use natural objects instead of just pictures or flashcards because it makes it easier for kids to understand the concept rather than looking at something they can not touch or feel!
  5. Making learning fun is one way, but you should also keep in mind your child''s ability and level so nothing too easy & straightforward nor too difficult which frustrates them.
  6. When teaching new things through activities, use open-ended questions like ''where do we find this? What does it look like? How many are there?'' because these questions increase their curiosity which will prompt them to ask more questions and learn/understand things, better!
  7. There are tons of ways to make learning fun, activities that you can do for different subjects like science experiments with food colouring or baking soda & vinegar. You can also try making sensory bins a great way to explore the world through touch, hearing, smelling, etc.!
  8. Don''t be afraid to try out new ideas, too, because anytime I introduce something new; my son''s always excited about it. Still, when we keep repeating the same thing every day, he gets bored after some time, so sometimes it''s good to switch up your activities every once in a while or try something new.
  9. Let yourself teach your kids about shapes and colours! Cut out different coloured paper in the form of a circle, rectangle, triangle, etc. Please put it in on a tray along with crayons or markers & have your child match up each colour by drawing over the top of them.
  10. You could do something as simple as colouring with your child or playing with play dough. It doesn''t have to be anything fancy; preschoolers would love sitting down doing some colouring. because she making new colours by mixing them & when we make playdough animals, she has a blast mashing the colours up into little balls before putting them in our animal mould trays.


Benefits of preschool learning activities


Following are the key benefits of preschool learning activities.

  1. It helps in their physical, social, and emotional well-being.
  2. Kids are more engaged while doing these activities than if they were to sit down on a chair for an extended period.
  3. The learning activities are also fun and involve visuals, sounds, music to keep kids entertained.

Doing preschool learning activities can be both beneficial for parents as well as their children! Making it a quality time activity is always a great idea because you bond with your kid and make them feel special by spending some one-on-one time with them! And just like I mentioned before, these activities help nurture the creativity of children while making sure that they have an active lifestyle too, which is needed nowadays where obesity has become common among all age groups of people! So go ahead planning out something new each day instead of sticking to the same old boring routine again and again!




I hope you find this list of tips helpful. Remember that your goal is to make preschool learning activities more interesting for children, not less fun or frustrating. With these ten ideas in mind, it should be much easier to plan engaging educational experiences. If you need help with anything else (e.g., finding the suitable toy), don''t hesitate to reach out! We are here for you and would love nothing more than to partner with you on making sure your little one has a wonderful time during their early childhood years.

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