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16 Effective Tips On How To Increase Concentration In Your Kids


Many parents struggle with how to increase concentration of their kids, and it's no wonder. Between the TV, video games, cell phones, and constant distractions from friends who are always up for a play date, there is no time to focus on schoolwork or hobbies. In this blog post, we will give you some tips that will help your child concentrate better!

Tips On How To Increase Concentration In Kids

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  1. Cut down on TV time. You don't have to go cold turkey, but how about limiting it to one hour a day?
  2. Encourage reading. Kids who read tend to be more focused than kids who spend all their free time in front of the computer or television screen.
  3. Get up and move! Kids who are constantly on the go (or should be) will find it easier to increase concentration. Try a game of tag, or throw a ball back and forth with your child for five minutes before reading them a bedtime story.
  4. Make sure they're getting enough sleep. Exhaustion can lead to everything from sleep-walking and nightmares to fidgeting in class. Additionally, a cranky child is going to be unfocused and irritable.
  5. Provide a comfortable study space with good lighting. A messy desk or cluttered floor will make it hard for your child, so tidy up the house before school starts back up again.
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  6. Is your child bored? Encourage them to seek out alternative sources of energy. Ask them how they would spend their day if it were theirs to plan from the beginning. It will help give them a sense of control over their own lives and encourage inventiveness, a great solution on how to increase concentration in school-aged children.
  7. Give rewards when appropriate! Encourage kids to be more creative with prizes for their work. For example, if your child gets a good grade on an assignment, buy them something that's been long-wanted (i.e., video game or new shoes).
  8. Create a schedule and stick with it! Kids are always better when they know what to expect. Take time to plan out how their week will look ahead of time.
  9. Allow your kids to have a say in how the day goes, even if they are not old enough to do anything productive yet! Start by asking them what they want for breakfast or where you should take them on errands that morning, as an example.
  10. If your child is struggling, step back and see how they are feeling. They might be tired or have had a difficult time the day before, making them feel sluggish. Ask questions like 'How was your sleep last night?' to find out how you can help get their energy level up!
    limited screen time can be a soultion to how to increase concentration
  11. Limit screen time: Kids don't have the same energy they did when they were young. Encourage them to get up from sitting in front of screens and move around. Let's face it: staring at a screen is not an answer to how to increase concentration.
  12. Work on how your child reacts to stress or frustration by practising mindfulness techniques such as deep breathing exercises. Teach them how their body responds when they're stressed or how to take a break and redirect their focus when it's too overwhelming.
  13. Encourage kids to make mindful choices about how they spend their time: Do you want to pick up your phone right now? Or do you want to read that book for five minutes before doing anything else?'.
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  14. Teach children how the brain and body work together to help them understand how the mind-body connection impacts concentration.
  15. Spend time outside and engage with nature: research has shown that kids get many benefits from being outdoors, including improved moods and increased creativity, which are excellent to increase concentration! Plus, it's fun too!
  16. Get creative! Try out new games like chess or checkers for fun ways of stimulating the brain in a competitive way that also helps kids stay focused.


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Your child's brain is growing and developing rapidly. It needs attention and stimulation to stay healthy, but sometimes it can be challenging for kids to focus on their work or school projects when they are constantly surrounded by technology. These tips on how to increase concentration will help your children in the face of all of these distractions so that they can do better at home or in the classroom. It might seem laborious at first, but with a bit of practice, anything becomes second nature!

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