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Quick and Effective Common Cold Remedies for Children


Kids are the most vulnerable to colds. Getting a common cold can be very painful for them, and they might have a hard time fighting it off without any help. In this blog post, we will discuss 14  easy cold remedies for kids. Learn how you can relieve your child's suffering with these natural cures!

Top 14 Cold Remedies You Can Execute At Home:

 best cold remedies for kids

Following are the top cold remedies for kids:

1. Chicken soup is one of the best cold remedies. It has anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe your child's throat and reduce congestion. Also, it contains amino acids, which are very beneficial for fighting off a common cold. Try adding chicken pieces to boiling water with some salt or any other spices you can tolerate. You can even use tofu if you don't have meat at hand! Chicken soup helps relieve symptoms due to its anti-inflammatory properties

2. Vinegar is one of the other excellent cold remedies for kids suffering from a severe cold attack. Make sure not to give them raw vinegar, as this may cause stomach disorders in children younger than 12 years old. Mix about two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with half a cup of water. You can even use honey instead of sugar, as it contains anti-inflammatory properties which are good for the respiratory system.

3. Aloe vera is yet another natural ingredient and one of the best great cold remedies that help relieve cold symptoms in children. Cut open an aloe leaf and extract its gel using a spoon or knife. Mix some turmeric powder with this gel to ensure your child gets all the benefits of both ingredients! Apply on their chest before they go to bed at night.

 ginger tea as cold remedies for kids

4. Ginger tea is excellent for kids suffering from the common cold due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It is an excellent home remedy for treating colds. It will help reduce fever, soothe nausea, and calm your child's upset stomach. Just mix some honey with grated ginger root, warm this mixture slightly and give your child two teaspoons of this ginger tea every day until they are better.

5. Chili pepper also has excellent soothing effects on throat inflammation caused by coughing.

6. Licorice is a natural expectorant, which means you can use it to treat coughs and colds in children. Just mix some honey with liquorice powder, warm this mixture slightly and give your child two teaspoons of the remedy three times every day until they are better.

7. Lemons will help reduce fever as well as soothe any inflammation caused by coughing or sore throat. It also acts as an expectorant to get rid of mucus in the respiratory tract.

honey helps sore throats

8. Honey is also a natural expectorant and will help to reduce the symptoms of colds. It's beneficial as you can give it to kids who are already sick. Mix two teaspoons of honey with some milk and give your kid this mixture every night before bedtime until they're better.

9. Garlic is highly beneficial if you want your kid's nose cleared up quickly, and it also helps clear up chest congestion. Garlic is a well-known natural antibiotic and helps to fight against common colds. To get rid of kids' cold, you need to give them one teaspoonful of garlic paste every day. Make sure that your kid doesn't have any allergies to garlic before administering this remedy.

In addition, it's recommended for adults with sinus infection symptoms to take a steam inhalation therapy during which they will breathe the vapour from boiling water mixed with few drops of pure eucalyptus oil or lavender oil. It has an anti-inflammatory effect on swollen mucous membranes in the nose and throat, thus reducing your discomfort by half.

10. Taking Vicks vapour is also one of the excellent cold remedies.

11. Pouring drops of vegetable oil in the nose is also effective for getting rid of cold.

12. A hot water bottle filled with boiling water wrapped up into a towel can be kept on your chest or back to facilitate breathing. This one works best if you have congestion and a persistent cough. It provides relief from sore throat, too.

a humidifier running in a room

13. You should keep the steam humidifier running at night while your child sleeps because it will help them breathe easier throughout the night and get better faster. You can add eucalyptus essential oil to the machine since it has some anti-inflammatory properties that reduce swelling inside nasal passages and kill germs effectively (while leaving no side effects). Regular use may even prevent the recurrence of colds during the winter months.

14. If you have a kid with a persistent cough, try adding peppermint oil to the humidifier. It has natural analgesic properties that provide relief from pain caused due to congestion of the throat and other respiratory organs. Peppermint essential oil also acts as an expectorant by thinning mucus so it can be removed faster through coughing or sneezing.


 child suffering from cold

Thank you for reading our post on the top 14 cold remedies for kids and adults. We hope you found it informative and educational! If your child is suffering from a sore throat, congestion, or coughing due to an illness like the common cold, we recommend trying one of these remedies at least once before seeking medical attention. Remember that children are not small adults- some treatments may work better than others, depending on their age group.  Do any of these home remedies for colds sound promising? Let us know if you have any questions about how to use them effectively

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