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How can you help in your child’s personality development?

What is it that you want for your child? If you are like most parents, then the answer to this question is a healthy and happy future. Unfortunately, many things can stand in the way of your child's success. One such thing is low self-esteem. Low self-esteem may be due to several factors including bullying at school, parental neglect or abuse, or unstable home life. In this blog post, we will discuss 09 ways that parents can help in a child's personality development.

What is meant by a child's personality development?

Child's personality development is the term that refers to the way that your child views themselves and how they interact with the world around them. These interactions are defined by their personality, which is made up of a combination of traits such as openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, or agreeableness.

A big part of this development takes place during childhood and adolescence - character-building years. Therefore parents need to be aware of what can influence this process! Here we will focus on some key aspects that you should keep in mind if you want help in child personality development.

Top 9 ways to help in child's personality development

Following are the top 9 ways through which parents can help in a child's personality development

1. Environment is important

 environment is important for child’s personality development

Provide them with a warm and loving environment where they feel safe, secure & confident to explore their surroundings in full. This is a great way to help in a child's personality development. This kind of encouragement will help build trust in your child that he/she is capable enough and can achieve all the goals without any external support.

2. Acknowledge his/her efforts through words or actions 

acknowledging their effort helps them in child’s personality development

It might be as little as an appreciative smile when s/he lands up at home from school on time! Such small yet significant gestures are incredibly influential for kids who look forward to building a positive self-image. So, this can also be a great help in a child's personality development. Also, encourage him/her to take part in hobbies or activities you deem appropriate based on the child's personality development so that s/he gets familiarized with this side of her nature early in life.

3. Take a leaf out of his favourite book 

Kids are extremely susceptible when it comes to making decisions about their future and we often give them advice based on our own experiences, which most times may not be suitable for the child in consideration. If you want your little one to follow a certain path that is close to your heart like pursuing an artistic career or choosing between medicine and engineering then take her along with you during work hours so that he/she can observe how you go about doing things. By creating a positive association early in life, she will feel encouraged enough to make informed choices as per her suitability later in time!

4. Teach him/her through practical examples rather than theoretical 

Children love learning new things by doing them, so instead of just telling your child how to use a computer or drive a car, he/she must learn by actually doing these things.

5. Help him/her think out-of-the-box and discover new ideas 

As adults, we have learned to follow the herd and stick with proven concepts but children are still in their experimental age where they try different ways of doing something without bias towards past experiences. You should encourage this kind of thinking within your little one rather than discourage her from experimenting with life!

6. Give them time to think by themselves 

giving them time to think help child’s personality development to grow

Children are always in a rush and want things done as fast as possible. This is normal but you should still allow your child some quiet, alone time where s/he can have the freedom to ponder about something or just lie back and relax without being disturbed; this will also help boost their creativity. So, this can also be a key way to help in a child's personality development.

7. Read to your child 

reading to child help them grow child’s personality development

As early as possible, you should start reading books to them. This is a very good habit because it allows children the chance to develop their imagination and think outside of the box which will, in turn, allow him/her have more ideas when needed; also they get exposed to different cultures and personalities from what they read so this makes them well-rounded individuals who are not easily influenced by other people's opinions or perception towards issues.

8. Be supportive but don't be intrusive 

You must show that you're always there for your little one whenever s/he needs help or just wants someone to talk things out but make sure that your presence does not hinder his progress because he may end up getting dependent on others rather than making his conclusions.

9. Show respect for your child and his/her choices 

This will allow him to feel valued as a person, not just an extension of yourself; also he will value himself enough to make the right decisions in life. He needs to learn that there are things we do because they matter or are worth dying for rather than simply following what others want us to do without giving it some thought.


growing child’s personality development is important

We hope that you enjoyed reading our list of 9 key ways to help in child’s personality development. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them below or reach out on social media! In the meantime, we encourage all parents to take a moment and think about how they can better support their children by developing who they are as individuals - not just what they do well. From there, try some of these tips from this blog post with your kids. Our team is here for you every step of the way and would love to hear how it goes!

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