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9 Great, Fun Character Building Books for Children


books for children

In growing up, it is essential to learn how to be a good person. Character building books for children are one way of teaching these lessons in a fun and exciting way. Character building books explore the many different types of people and teach kids how to make friends, treat others with kindness, and more. Moreover, these books do not fail to entertain and will also help children with their reading skills!

This post will talk about nine great character-building books for children that you can find in online shops or even in local outlets.

Why are character-building books important?

 books for children

Character building books for children are essential to teaching them how to be good people and treats others fairly. Character building is vital because it teaches them the skills they need to survive and thrive as a human. They also help children to learn values and morals that will help them face their future bravely. With that being said, here are nine excellent character-building books for your little kids.

1. 'I'm Bored!' by Mo Willems

This book shows that when we are bored, there's always something interesting around us! It also stresses the importance of having fun with others and not doing everything on our own. The title is super captivating because children often say they're bored. And while reading this, they'll start to realize how they can look at things in a different way to make the most use of them.

2. 'Oh, the Places You'll Go!' by Dr Seuss.

This is always a favourite for children! The book has delightful illustrations that show how different people experience life in their way and share what they have learned along the way. It also emphasizes tolerance, kindness to others, following your dreams, and never giving up on them no matter how hard it seems at times (which can be important for kids).

3. 'The Little Prince,' by Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Saint-Exupery tells this story of his encounter with an alien from another planet who had come down to Earth since he was too old to care for his homeworld - where all adults are more interested in wars than building things. This little prince is the only person on his planet who cares about building. This book has been translated into over 250 languages, and it has sold over 140 million copies since its release in 1943!

4. 'You're Not You' by Rebecca Stead

This book follows one girl with leukaemia and her best friend Miri during their freshman year at middle school. This story explores different types of friendships while teaching what people with cancer go through both emotionally and physically. The author of this book has said that it is her most personal novel, and she wishes to open up awareness for the lack of empathy towards people living with cancer.

5. 'Walk Two Moons' by Sharon Creech

books for children

This book is about a 13-year old girl named Sal who has been expelled from her boarding school and sent to live with an aunt she never met. The novel follows her travels across the U.S., as well as following the path of discovery that led her there in the first place, which involves meeting up with someone from her past whom she's spent lots of time thinking about lately - Margo Crane. This story explores themes such as growing up too quickly or not at all, family relationships, friendship dynamics, and friendships made over distances.

6. 'Rules' by Cynthia Lord

This book is about a 13-year old girl named Julia, who struggles with being different. She's not like her two best friends, and she feels she doesn't belong anywhere. When one of those friends starts to get interested in Buddhism and starts preaching these new morals to everyone else at school, it becomes an even bigger struggle for Julia because this isn't something that would be accepted by her family or anything related to what they believe in.

7. 'The Outsiders' by S.E Hinton

This story tells the tale of Ponyboy Curtis. He lives in an upper-class world outside his home, mainly of poverty and gang violence fueled by alcohol around their neighbourhood. The novel follows Ponyboy, a 15-year old greaser (a term used to describe those from the wrong side of society), and his struggle with right and wrong.

8. 'James And The Giant Peach' by Roald Dahl

When James finds an old withered peach pit in his parents' fruit bowl one day, he decides it would be fun to plant it, so he takes some potting soil outside as well. He buries the seed deep into the ground and waters it every day until something begins sprouting up through the dirt. Soon enough, they see green leaves grow around a stem that grows taller each day then suddenly blossoms into a white flower. The morals children learn from this story are that being patient and persevering will eventually lead to success.

9. 'Charlie And The Chocolate Factory' by Roald Dahl

This is one of the famous character-building books! In Charlie's case, it comes after an awful lot of effort: a year-long search for clues about where Willy Wonka hid his secret candy factory; fighting off two other kids who want to become rich at Charlie's expense; learning from Grandpa Joe (who was once one of Mr Wonka's employees) all he knows about what awaits them inside the mysterious building. The entire story revolves around how Charlie wins with his outstanding personality.

Final thoughts

books for children

For children, reading can be a great way to learn and grow as people, and it often helps to keep their minds active too! There are so many different types of stories that have been written over time. For both young readers, but also older ones. When read together as a family, these character-building books will help each of them grow and be role models for one another.

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