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9 Ways To Calm Down Angry Kids

The last thing you want is angry kids. There are many angry kids in the world, and it can be a challenge to calm them down. Whether they're mad with their siblings or angry because they didn't get what they wanted, there are many ways to help them cope with anger. In this blog post, we will give nine different strategies that you can use to calm angry kids down!

little angry girl showing tantrums

How can you calm down angry kids?

Many parents struggle with how to calm upset children. There are many reasons why a child is angry, and it's essential to understand the root of the problem before trying anything else. For example, if your child is angry because he didn't get what he wanted, then maybe give in next time, so they don't have an angry outburst again! Here are some strategies for calming down an angry kid.

 different emotions of a child

1. Be patient with your child.

If your child is struggling with controlling his emotions, then be patient with them instead of getting angry at their angry behaviour. Help them understand why they are angry and how to deal with those emotions more appropriately, such as talking about it or writing about it.

2. Focus on the positive

When your child is angry because something terrible happened, try focusing on all of the good things that have come from this incident so far instead of dwelling on what went wrong! For example, if your child got angry over not going out today, then talk about all the fun activities you can do together tomorrow instead. This will help remove some of the focus from just thinking negatively, which could lead to further anger down the road!

making the kid understand how anger is harmful

3. Find ways for them to let feelings out.

Sometimes kids are upset simply because they haven't let out how angry they are. If this sounds like your child, try finding ways to express themselves, such as writing angrily in a journal (which should be done behind closed doors and not around others) or drawing angry pictures!

4. Create an angry jar

This is a great idea that will undoubtedly help calm down angry kids. Cut up pieces of paper into small squares and have kids write what makes them angry on each one before putting it inside the jar. From there, talk about why these things make you mad so much and brainstorm some solutions together until all parties feel better! You can also think of other items outside of just words if needed by filling the jars with beans/rice/etc. This exercise can go a long way in helping angry kids cope with their emotions!

 an anger jar

5. Make them workout

Getting angry kids to exercise is the best thing you can do for them. When they are done, talk about how it made them feel and what helped calm them down so much after working out. This will help release all of those angry feelings and give a great workout at the same time, which is always beneficial! They might be too young to work out on their own just yet but getting an early start never hurt anyone, especially when it comes to fitness!

6. Work on art

Making art together can be one of the most therapeutic things that angry kids could ever experience. Whether you're drawing or painting, having fun while getting your creative juices flowing can relieve stress like no other activity. You needn't have to work on it professionally, and just doodling or splashing paint on canvas would do the magic.

drawing and painting helps calm down anger

7. Illustrate the angry feelings they're feeling.

Even if you don't draw or paint, drawing angry kids can help them understand their anger better and let it go more quickly. It's a great way to express what they are feeling without putting words on paper, which is often hard for young children, incredibly when angry, so this technique works well with both older and younger angry kids alike. You could even ask your child to describe what they feel like while making an angry face that shows all of those negative emotions!

8. Take them to a therapist.

Getting angry kids to a therapist can be pretty demanding. You have got to call the clinic, book an appointment for them and do some more stuff on your own, which is why taking angry kids with you when seeking help may not always work out so perfectly. But suppose their anger issues are affecting everyone around them. In that case, they deserve this opportunity of learning how to deal with it properly without getting into trouble or hurting anyone in any way!

kids and therapist

9. There's nothing wrong with playing sports while angry.

Playing physical games like soccer, basketball, or ice hockey will surely give angry kids all that kick-ass energy and release those negative feelings within minutes but also provide excellent opportunities for bonding moments between family members and friendships at school/college where team spirit counts the most.

parents helping child deal with anger

Final thoughts

Calming angry kids is an art, and perfecting it is a challenge. The main thing is to keep calm and not show anger or frustration. Be patient, play with angry kids for them to feel your support and help even if they are mad. After all, you want to raise emotionally healthy human beings who will grow up as responsible adults able to deal with their feelings daily, which makes us parents proud indeed!

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