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Numbers activity is a teaching method that helps the child to learn numbers and counting in order to learn higher order mathematical skills. Learning to count is the most basic activity for preschoolers. It usually starts when children are at the age of 2 years old as this is the time when they begin to speak as well. There are many ways you can teach your little ones to count objects. It could be while playing with toys or while colouring with crayons!


The numbers activity list we will share with you today can be used either at home or in school. You can use them as an introduction to math, just for fun on a rainy day, or even when preparing your children for school. All of the activities we will suggest are easy to do and require only a few basic materials.


List of 9 Numbers Activity for Preschoolers

1. Patterns with Bears:

This is a great activity for numbers. Preschoolers will need to identify numbers with bears in different positions, colors and views etc...Use two-three patterns each time so kids are focusing on one thing at a time. A wonderful math game where students can learn number identification, counting skills and even problem solving.


2. Sorting Colors with Bears:

This numbers activity is perfect for preschoolers. Help your child learn numbers, sorting colors and also practice fine motor skills with this hands-on math game. Use different color bears to sort the numbers on large cubes!

3. Money Muncher:

One of the best ways to enhance math skills for preschoolers is to make them learn numbers through counting coins. This fun game is great for preschoolers to learn numbers, counting skills and also develop fine motor skills. Give them a couple of coins along with a small basket. Ask them to pick a coin and put it in the basket while counting!

4. Sorting Jelly Beans:

This numbers activity will help preschoolers learn numbers, counting skills and sorting colors. They must count how many are in their jar before they dump it into a second jar that is already counted out for them. This fun game develops number recognition, color grouping and hand-eye coordination. Best part? They can be rewarded with a few jelly beans to eat after they have completed counting!


5. Graphing:

This numbers activity is a fun way for preschoolers to learn counting skills and writing numbers. Children can draw or make their own graph paper on white sheets of printer paper with black marker. After they have drawn the number line from 0-20 (or whatever range you want them to focus), give your child stickers in different colors and numbers.

Have them place the numbers from 0-20 in order on their number line, using each sticker color for its corresponding number. This activity is a great way to introduce graphing and have your child create their own math graph paper!

6. Shape Wheel: 

Help your child form numbers with different types of shapes, such as circles and squares. Encourage them to count the number of each shape used to make numbers up to 20. You can do this by having them place the numbers in order on a paper or even let them create their own math wheel! For older children, have them write down numbers and shapes on a sheet of paper. They can then find the numbers that add up to ten or other numbers in different ways, such as by drawing lines around them!

7. Shape Sorter:

Numbers can also be learnt by sorting numbers. Have your child sort numbers of different shapes into small containers, such as boxes or cups. They are then sorted according to size, color or even type! You can have them write down the number of each shape after they''ve finished the activity for reinforcement purposes.Apart from counting skills, this numbers activity for kindergarten students also teaches them about shapes, sizes and colours - all at the same time!


8. Noodle Shape Cards:

Use cards with numbers placeholders to help kids engage in this numbers activity! For example, have your child match numbers to the corresponding number of noodle shapes. They will learn how many objects are in a group and start recognizing numbers without even realizing it!

9. Foam Sticks: 

Use foam sticks or popsicle sticks to carry out this numbers activity for the safety of objects used for preschoolers. Ask them questions such as ''If you had three sets of ten sticks, how many would that equal?'' or “If you have 5 sticks and I take away 2 from you, how many would you be left with?” This is a great hands-on approach to teach addition and subtraction to toddlers.




The best way to make kids love learning is by making it fun. And what better way than through play?With these numeracy activities, you can provide your young learners with a wide range of ways to explore math concepts in the classroom or at home. Kids learn best when they''re engaged in an activity that''s novel or interesting enough to hold their attention, so try incorporating different types of games into your teaching routine. 

Games like counting cards or playing number bingo are perfect because they require minimal set up time, no materials needed other than paper and pencil, and there''s plenty of room for kids to explore their creativity!

Happy learning!

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