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Brain exercise, also known as brain training or brain fitness, is a collection of brain games and exercises designed to enhance cognitive functions such as memory and attention. Recent studies have proven positive effects on brain performance from brain exercise, including improved IQ score, concentration level, and emotional stability. Brain exercise for kids not only enhances brainpower but also helps to reduce stress. This article will show you how brain exercises can help improve your child''s overall development with some examples of brain exercises for kids.

Here is the list of some great brain exercises you can try with your kids.


6 Amazing Brain Exercises for kids

  1. Memory enhancement brain exercise

Memory brain exercise for kids includes memory games to improve your child''s ability to remember short-term and long-term things. The brain has a natural tendency to relax after learning new information to absorb the new data, which makes it difficult for the brain to retain information in the long run. Memory brain exercise helps your kid memorise by creating a bridge between brain cells to enhance brain activity, allowing your kid to recall stored data immediately when needed. Here are some good memory brain exercises for kids:

  • playing classic card games such as poker or any other card game that requires remembering cards sequence/order, suits, and numbers;
  • playing concentration games where kids concentrate on visual stimulants such as shapes, colors, and patterns. It is one of the best brain exercises for kids;
  • brain teasers and brain quizzes which help in improving your kid''s brain activity and memory recall.


  1. Improve logical thinking:

Logical brain exercise for kids demands holding more than one piece of information in their minds to figure out a problem or make decisions followed by analysis and finally applying what has been figured out to solve the problem or make critical decisions. Logic brain exercise helps your kid engage both brain hemispheres (left and right) while making logical conclusions which eventually enhances brain activity, allowing them to think beyond an adult''s thinking capacity. It also enhances logical reasoning, which helps your kid understand things that we take for granted, such as solar eclipse, time zones, gravity, etc. The brain exercises you can do with your child improve their brain capacity and encourage brain activity

  1. Memory Object Game

This brain exercise for kids focuses on the left brain hemisphere, which sequentially processes information. To begin this brain exercise, play a memory object game where you say an object aloud then hide it from your kid''s eyesight. Your kid will have to remember what you said before hiding it from view and find it by pointing towards the hidden item from a distance. This brain exercise for kids helps both brain hemispheres work together to determine what was seen, heard, and remembered by using spatial reasoning skills. Start playing this game with three main objects, after which you can gradually increase its difficulty level by adding more brain teasers. Test your kid''s brain fitness with this brain exercise daily for about 5-15 minutes to experience the best results.

4. Another brain exercise for kids you can try is to ask them to draw an object without lifting the pencil from paper and without looking at what they are drawing. This brain exercise for kids will help your kid learn how to use the brain''s motor memory, which will enhance brain fitness to a great extent.

The brain physical puzzle game is another brain exercise that helps the brain develop spatial reasoning skills in kids by making brain-to-paper connections. Your kid can always take up new challenges with this brain physical puzzle game for mind teasers, and it makes learning fun! Let your kid try this brain physical puzzle game with different materials like toys, fruits, or any other household item available at their fingertips.


  1. Painting


Painting is another brain exercise for kids that works on your kid''s brain because of its sensory activity. You can also give your kid other brain physical activities like explosive brain games, brain carnival games, etc., whereby they need to identify colours and form patterns with their brainpower. Participating in these brain physical action games helps the brain develop motor control, which improves hand-eye coordination.

  1. Face recognition puzzle game for mind teasers

What do you think is more complicated - learning face matching or name matching? This brain exercise for kids stimulates memory retention skills in adults and infants by letting them know how to match faces with names! Though this seems like child''s play at first, brain physical activities like an explosive brain game, brain carnival game, etc., need to identify colours and form patterns with their brainpower. Participating in these brain physical action games helps the brain develop motor control, which improves hand-eye coordination.




This brain exercise results in the child gaining a sharp memory and improved mental health. Furthermore, this game stimulates long-term memory, improves visual acuity, and fosters logical thinking.

This provides an excellent opportunity for the parents to spend some time with their children while exercising their brains!

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