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Regular exercise helps our children stay physically fit and fight off diseases. There are several research studies that suggest physical fitness in children helps them develop mental clarity. As a parent, this is our biggest concern to make sure our child stays fit. In our jammed packed schedule, it becomes difficult for us to focus on the physical fitness of our little ones. Children stay fit by staying active throughout the day. You can involve your child in daily activities to help them stay fit and also stay strong mentally. 

There are also some activities you can engage your kids with for at least 30 minutes on a daily basis.


Here are some child activities to stay fit.


1. Walking or Jogging:

You take them out for jogging or walking, where both of you bond over some quality time. This activity to stay fit does not take up much of your time and yet ensures that your kids stay fit and creates a regular exercise habit.

2. Swimming:

Swimming is a beneficial activity to stay fit for children, and if you can encourage them to be part of a sport like swimming, then this would be even better as it teaches them the coordination between mind and body, thus resulting in improvement of  child’s focus. 


3. Physical activity just a few minutes in a day: 

If your children find it hard to stay fit with all the school work and other activities they have going on, then you can suggest making it a point to stay fit for just 10-15 minutes every day. This may end up being one of their most treasured memories later on in life, so you must ensure that they stay active throughout this time even if you don''t think it is enough. This is a simple habit and activity to stay fit. 

4. Encourage outdoor games:

 Many children these days stay indoors tethered to the television screens or PlayStation most of the time. But others love spending long hours outdoors cycling around the neighborhood or playing with neighborhood kids in a park. You can encourage them to stay active instead of spending time in front of the screen all day by suggesting outdoor games. These games work as an activity to stay fit for your child. 

5. Take them to stay fit activities:

 There are several stay fit courses and classes in cities now-a-days that allow children to stay active while learning new games and sports at the same time. You can suggest your child enroll for a stay fit class in their area and watch their interest grow in these activities over time. This activity to stay fit will also help them in being consistent. 

6. Get them enrolled in fitness clubs:

 Most schools these days have health clubs or facilities with qualified instructors who train students during school hours on various forms of exercises and stay fit activities. There are also stay fit groups and clubs created for school students run at an extra activity level outside of school hours, which your child can take part in. The activity to stay fit, active and healthy

7. Make fitness a family affair:

You can all try out certain stay fit games and sports together as a family to stay healthy and enjoy yourselves at the same time. For instance, you can take your children with you when you go jogging or biking as it gets boring doing such activities alone after a while.


8. Encourage them to stay focused:

One big reason why many children these days tend to gain weight is that they do not concentrate on their stay fit routines enough. They keep procrastinating about exercising instead of sticking with it religiously. Ensure that your child stays focused on his stay fit regime by setting up certain stay fit goals for them. For instance, if he is hitting the gym make sure he does not stay there longer than an hour. He can even set certain stay-fit milestones like choosing to do 100 sit-ups in the morning before breakfast daily or doing 1000 crunches each day.

9. Realise the importance of Yoga & Meditation:

Yoga helps kids to control their impulse and develop self-regulation skills. The ability to control our breathing patterns by meditation helps children understand  the power of patience and a sense of tranquility.




Like us, kids also need to be physically fit and active.Do what you can to make your child''s stay fit routines interesting and exciting to them so they are less likely to opt-out of it when they get bored doing what they are doing at any particular time. This also makes children want to continue their stay fit sessions until the end because it feels good when one completes something good in life without having too much.

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