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Is your toddler bored and giving you a hard time? Well, it''s not just you but a million more parents! If your toddler is bored, it''s probably because they are at the age when they want more freedom and less direct supervision. Toddlers like being able to walk, run, and climb without having to be carried around by mommy. Toddlers are a bundle of energy and curiosity, so it''s no wonder that they have trouble sitting still. If you''re looking for some activities for toddlers to do with your little one, we''ve got the perfect list! Whether your toddler is very active or more on the laid-back side, there are plenty of ideas here for you. 



10 thrilling activities for toddlers

1. Play within your toddler''s reach

We recommend one of the best activities for toddlers is playing near your child. If you place blocks, books, or toys on a higher shelf but right within your baby''s reach, they will have fun pulling things down and putting them back! Toddlers who can walk already like to move around and explore their surroundings.

2. Play in your backyard

Your toddler loves to move around, so why not play some fun games outside? Just make sure that you are close by and supervise your child throughout the whole game.

3. Hold a ball, boing!

Toddlers love balls, especially ones that can bounce. Hold one in front of your baby and encourage them to kick it. If your baby is not interested in kicking the ball, try rolling it toward them. Just make sure that you are holding on to the ball so that if your baby reaches out for it, they won''t fall over!


4. Sing songs while dancing

Who doesn''t love singing and dancing? Sing some of your toddler''s favourite songs and encourage them to join you, but make sure that they can get back up if they fall while dancing! Both of these activities for toddlers can be fun to do with toddlers.

5. Get in the water

An excellent way for your baby to learn about their environment is to get in the water! Water provides a fun way for your baby to play and explore. Just be sure that you are close by to help your baby if they need it.

6. Play hide-and-seek

Hide-and-seek may seem like a no-brainer when it comes to playing with your toddler. This game is easy to play and can be an excellent way for you to teach about things like counting, colours, and shapes!


7. Play dress up

Does your toddler love shoes? Grab some fun socks, shoes, and anything else that strikes your fancy so you can have an impromptu fashion show.

8. Make a snack trail

You can have fun making a snack trail from your toddler''s high chair or even the living room couch to somewhere in the house that you designate as a finish line. This is an easy way to let your baby explore while learning something new!

9. Play with blocks and puzzles

Toddlers will love having a puzzle to figure out. Just make sure that when they are putting it together, you aren''t trying to get anything done-you to want them to play and enjoy themselves!



10. Make an indoor treasure hunt

Set up a simple treasure hunt in your house. Hide things for your toddler to find and let him have fun! You can make a simple treasure hunt by hiding things around the house or backyard for your toddler to see while he searches!

BONUS. Play games outside with bubbles or a beach ball

You could also take balloons and blow bubbles, or if you''re near a lake, go out on your boat to cool off this Summer.


Benefits of doing activities for toddlers

1. It keeps you from being bored.

As a toddler''s parent, you can quickly become bored with your children. You can sometimes feel like you don''t have anything to do with them! But not with these activities for toddlers!

2. Builds your toddler''s self-esteem

When you have fun with your toddler, and they have fun too, it makes them feel good about themselves. You can see how their imagination will grow when they play in an environment that you''ve made unique for them!

3. Improves communication skills

More importantly, having a great time with your toddlers is a great way to improve communication skills. You don''t need words, and you can have fun communicating through your actions and building your imagination skills.


4. Keeps them active, alert, and full of energy!

Toddlers get tired and sometimes exhausted from being so busy all the time. If you give them an opportunity that''s fun for them with some activities for toddlers, they will use their energy and feel good about themselves. The more power you can use up, the better it is for you when they''re in bed at night.

5. A chance to bond with your child!

As parents, we often feel guilty for spending time away from them because they''re being watched by someone else or don''t even need anyone with them. This is not true!! Spending quality time with your child and doing fun is sufficient for you and your child! Sometimes we need a little time away from work or whatever else we have going on so that we can focus our attention on the most critical person in our lives, our child.



Toddlers are full of energy. They need to run around, explore their environment and play with all the things they find interesting. It can be challenging for parents who have little free time or don''t want to chase after their child constantly, so we''ve provided a list of courses you can help your toddler get some exercise while staying contained in one area. These ideas will also make it easier for you to clean up afterwards! Try these activities for toddlers at home this week and see if there is an improvement in your toddler''s behaviour during the day or night. Happy parenting!

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