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Play Math & Numbers Activities for Preschoolers

You have a preschooler, and you want to improve their math skills. Where do you start? There are so many activities for preschoolers to choose from, but which one should you use? This blog post will review fun numbers activities for preschoolers that will help them learn numbers better. They are organized by age group, starting with the youngest children first.

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What are numbers activities?

Numbers Activities for preschoolers are perfect for toddlers to improve their numbers skills. They will learn numbers, counting, and how to recognize numbers patterns. Here you can find some of the most interesting Best Numeracy Activities for Preschoolers.

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List of number activities for preschoolers

  1. Number Stax is a fun game that helps to learn math for nursery children and helps them learn about number sequence by building towers with math cubes.
  2. Number Bingo is a numbers game that children will love to play. It's also helpful in counting numbers and recognizing numbers on the cards.
  3. The number patterns matching game is where kids learn how to recognize number patterns by using their memory skills, mental math abilities, and having fun at the same time!
  4. Base Ten Blocks are a significant numbers tool that helps children learn about numbers and writing.
  5. Math Eggs is an exciting math numbers game for kids that improves their mental math skills by asking questions, solving problems, and showing numbers.
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  6. Learning Clock is another number of activities for preschoolers to show the concept of time with hours, minutes, and seconds.
  7. Time For Bed is the activity of a number for kids that helps them understand the concepts of time and numbers.
  8. Go on a hunt for numbers: numbers in the wild are a number's activity using math tools from nature.
  9. Get Ready for School Numbers Game is another great way to prepare your child's mind for school by playing this fun number formation game, which uses ten frame numbers.
  10. Numbers in the sky is the activity of an astounding number for preschoolers to help kids learn about numbers while having fun outdoor activities.
  11. Play with number cards: Using flashcards for numbers helps your kid memorize numbers and develop their understanding of how numbers work together to make more significant numbers.
  12. Make Number Flash Cards are another way to practice numbers with your kid by making flashcards at home.
  13. Numbers colouring sheets help kids to learn numbers and practise number formation.
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  14. Numbers puzzles are another number of activities for preschoolers to help your child learn numbers and numbers sequences and develop their problem-solving skills.
  15. Playing numbers games online is a fun activity that helps kids practise numbers while having fun at the same time.
  16. Connect the dots: numbers activity for preschoolers is the activity of another number that helps kids practice numbers and connect-the-dots.
  17. Numbers matching game: one of the fun math games for kids which help them learn numbers and have lots of fun at the same time. These activities for preschoolers that even enjoyed playing with adults.
  18. Play a counting numbers board game with your kid to improve their number recognition and numbers sequencing.
  19. Numbers learning game is an activity that helps preschoolers learn numbers through playing a simple, easy, and fun math game online.
  20. Stacking up boxes: numbers stacking activity is a fun numbers game that kids from preschoolers to kindergarten will love.
  21. Numbers flashcards: numbers flashcard games are a perfect way for your kid to practice the numbers and have lots of fun at the same time too.
  22. Master numbers with these online number games for kids, which help them learn numbers while having fun. This will enhance the math skills of preschoolers.
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  23. Numbers worksheets: numbers worksheet activities are a great way to practice math skills with numbers and have fun simultaneously.
  24. Numbers tracing is a simple number learning activity that helps preschoolers learn numbers by playing a fun online game.
  25. Number sequencing cards: these printable number sequencing cards help kids learn numbers through playing a fun game.
  26. Preschool numbers puzzle is an easy puzzle activity that helps kids learn numbers and improve math skills for nursery.
  27. Measuring game: measure something with this numbers game for preschoolers.
  28. Numbers maze: go on a numbers maze adventure with this printable numbers maze worksheet.
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The more time children spend with math, the better they do. But it can be challenging to find activities that are engaging and fun for young kids. We've compiled a list of some great games for preschoolers that will help them improve their numeracy skills while also having lots of fun! These ideas should provide hours of entertainment and educational value for your little ones, from counting backwards to create suspenseful moments or using household items as measuring tools. If you have any other favourite games or crafts related to math education, we would love to hear about them to include them on our blog!

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