ABC's of Accelerated Preschool Learning Activities for Kids

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Reciting alphabets, counting numbers from one to ten, trying to say “blue” instead of “boo” and scribbling crayons on the wall is what pretty much sums up the daily activities of a preschooler. Keeping them busy with productive tasks everyday is a challenge every other parent goes through. These preschool learning activities ensure that kids learn all the skills they need according to their age while being on their toes for good! Let’s have a look at all these activities for preschoolers to make them school-ready!



List of 18 Preschool Learning Activities

  1. Kick the letter cup: This is one of the best preschool learning activities. Have your preschooler kick a cup filled with letters that are all facing the same way. Have them pick out each letter, then have them say what sound it makes by making the corresponding shape on their bodies.
  2. Color sorting letters: Let your preschooler sort letters by color. This is one of the preschool learning activities that works on their fine motor skills while also practicing learning the letters of the alphabet.


  1. Alphabet pillow jumping: Have your preschooler jump over the alphabet pillow. This is a great way to remember where each letter of the alphabet belongs in order!
  2. Connect-the-dots with letters: Preschool learning activities are bound to be fun and this is one such activity! Trace letters on their back with your finger, then have them recreate that letter by connecting the dots!
  3. Alphabet knockdown: This is a great game for preschoolers. It helps strengthen their fine motor skills while working on learning the alphabet through letters and sounds! 


  1. Children’s book in a bottle: Interest your preschooler in learning to read by mixing together a bottle of water, alphabet cereal, and their favorite book.
  2. Crocodile circle: Preschool learning activities should also be creative enough for kids to try out their artistic abilities in real life. Gather wooden craft sticks and paint them with different colors. Then, let your children put the crocodiles together!
  3. Feather tip salt tray writing: This is a fun learning activity for preschoolers! Fill up salt trays with water and let your children write on it with feathers.
  4. Magic letter painting: Have your preschooler paint a letter with water on top of the page. Then, for an added surprise, have them press down hard to reveal their “magic”!
  5. Popsicle stick patterning: Children love popsicles and this, in fact, is one of the fun preschool learning activities you can try out at home or at school! Let your preschooler color popsicle sticks with patterns. Then, ask them to arrange the sticks in a pattern to form an animal shape you draw on paper.


  1. Bubble wrap ABCs: Teach your child their letters using this fun learning activity for preschoolers! Write out each letter of the alphabet using bubble wrap. Then, let your child pop through each letter.
  2. Alphabet learning: Get the kids in on the action and have them draw a picture of what they think words beginning with that letter sound like or mean! For example, when teaching the letter “A” you could ask them to draw an apple tree! Practical preschool learning activities always help them understand the concept better than plain bookish learning.
  3. Community helping: Preschool learning activities should also teach kids how to the society we live in. So, to get kids involved in community service activities that are not too difficult or time-consuming on parents'' part is important. You can organize a day with all the old people in your nearby community or go feed stray dogs on weekends.


  1. Letter matching archeology game: Get out the craft sticks and glue! Let preschoolers make cards with all the letters in their names. Then they can use them to play an archeology game where you put some of your letter tiles face down on a table or floor, then take turns flipping over two at a time trying to find matches.
  2. Dig for Letters: Fill small plastic tubs with sand. Hide the letters of your preschooler''s name in one, and put all other letters in another. Give them a small shovel or spoon to dig for the hidden letter tiles!
  3. ABC Block tower: A fun way to build letter recognition is by creating a large block structure in the shape of each letter, then have preschoolers try to recreate it themselves!
  4. Play with Shapes: Use foam shapes or colorful paper plates to create familiar objects for your preschooler such as triangles, circles, squares, and rectangles. Preschool learning activities that involve shapes and colours help children build cognitive skills.


  1. Play with Pattern Blocks: This classic building toy is a great way to introduce young children to shapes in a fun way! Simply describe the pattern you see- “I spy something green, I think it’s a triangle!”



Preschool learning activities provide suggestions on how to implement fun and educational activities that will stimulate the developing brain so your child can be ready for kindergarten, grade school, college-level coursework, or just life in general! Think about it this way--the more you teach them now, the less they''ll have to learn later on down the line. Read our blog post today and get started with these educational games at home! What''s one thing you''re going to do differently as a result?

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