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Parenting toddlers vs. teens: What are the differences?


Parenting encompasses a vast range of human experiences. On one end, we're discussing college, accountability, and time management. On the other hand, we're debating whether cleaning one's butt is required after defecating, how the volume of 'prayer' differs from 'kindergarten classroom voice,' and how a person must at least attempt eating vegetables if they want to have dessert. Wondering how it feels or looks like when parenting teens and toddlers? This blog is a must read.

What is it like being a parent of a toddler?

parenting a toddler is so different from parenting a teenager

Parenting younger children entails a lot of talking. It begins with an unending narration designed to both entertain and educate English - 'Let's go to the grocer and grab some plums.' Is there anything else that starts with the letter P?” — and then you can expand from there. You are a teacher with no days off as a parent of younger children. You are asked questions such as, 'What causes fog?' “How do I make my bed?” or “Why do people die?” Every day, if I had a FitBit for words, it would explode with fireworks.

What is it like being a parent of a teenager?

 parenting a teenager is so different from parenting a toddler

Parenting older children allows you to enjoy and be more patient with your younger children's never-ending onslaught of inquiries, but entering the teen years might mean entering the period of desolate silences and grunts. Your adolescents may want to text with their pals indefinitely, but that does not imply they want to discuss their ideas or feelings with you. They are no longer asking you questions, but they are also frequently making assumptions about what they should do that are terribly, sadly inaccurate.

The Significant Differences Between Parenting Toddlers and Teens

1. Making A Delicious Meal


meal for toddlers in parenting

Parenting toddlers is a task. Toddlers get in the way, require things, have meltdowns, or start fighting. They come too close to the heat, and you must be careful where you place any sort of kitchen knife for the risk of cutting or impaling themselves. You appease them by allowing them to nibble on little portions of what you're cooking since they're HUNGRY RIGHT NOW. When dinner is finally done, they don't sit still and refuse to eat. And by the time you sit down, your meal has cooled.


Parenting teens has its own challenges but teens are filled with real excitement, anticipation, gratitude, and appreciation, especially if it's their favorite meal. This is also a fantastic excuse to gather as a family and dine together and also get them to help with preparation, cooking, cleaning, and other chores.

2. Rides in the car


You play their favorite songs over and over again, attempting to keep them entertained when they grow grumpy. They are frequently arguing with their siblings and pleading with them to stop at a toy store, ice cream shop, or grandma's house – usually at inopportune times. Parenting can be really difficult at these times.


parenting: ride with teenagers be like

Parenting teenagers involves a lot of attempts at conversation with them. Car journeys provide an opportunity to converse without interruption or distraction. Picking them up from a rough day at school or a difficult practice when their tension is still fresh provides an excellent chance to listen, encourage, and provide advice. Maybe they're still arguing with their siblings, but hopefully, you'll be able to shift the subject and persuade them to relax.

3. “May I invite my friends?”


Oh, the terror of parenting toddlers. You are now responsible for the lives of other people's children, and these children are wild cards. And your children act differently in the presence of these children. Of course, it may be wonderful since your child learns to share, take turns, and be a real friend, but it can also be a nightmare. It's all you can do not to look at the clock and perform a happy dance when the parent arrives to pick up their child.


Despite the fact that it is late and you are sleepy, your child is at ease enough at home to invite his or her pals over. They consume all of your food. They occupy the entire living room. They're far too loud. But they aren't out there doing whatever they want and maybe getting in trouble. And you don't have to be concerned if they don't answer their phones or react to your texts since they're in the next room.

4. Entering Your Bedroom Late at Night


Just when you think the day is finally coming to an end and you'll have some time to yourself (or with your spouse), the youngster comes in for a glass of water, another tale, or a strange inquiry. And, while these moments might be lovely and valuable at times, there are others when you simply need space.


You respond, 'Of course, you can come in,' because you're pleased with your parenting style that they like you enough to want to spend time with you and trust you enough to come to you when anything bothers them. You respond, 'No, I don't mind that you woke me up,' because you want them to do that whenever they want to talk about anything, regardless of the hour.

5. Display of Physical Affection 


You secretly wish your child didn't beg to sit on your lap every now and then. And, while you always take the dirty, sticky tiny hand that stretches for yours, you do want a break now and then.


Parenting teenagers is tough as almost everything is embarrassing to them. A goodnight or farewell kiss, a thank-you embrace, or any sincere expression of emotion is priceless, especially when done in public.


parenting isn’t that easy

As a parent, you quickly discover that your child changes hundreds of times as they develop, and nothing of the past prepares you for the future. Talking to other parents is one of the greatest ways to stay up. Listen to their horror stories and share your own. Sometimes you'll need that comparison to persuade yourself that your child isn't an exception, but rather a typical teenager. Dealing with toddlers is also a task but some steps and better parenting techniques can help you there.

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