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Tips to use cell phones and tablets safely with your kids

Your guide to tablets for kids








Tablets and cell phones are amazing devices that allow us to connect with our kids in new ways. They can help teach them how to read, learn about the world around them, and even play games! However, parents need to know the risks of these devices before they share one with their children. In this blog post, we'll discuss 9 tips on developing some good habits and safe ways to use tablets for kids.








Top 9 tips for using tablets for kids








 Your guide to tablets for kids








Following are the top 09 tips to use tablets for kids:








Tip 1: Purchase a tablet that is specifically made for kids




The best way to assure the kid’s safety is to use tablets made especially for kids. For example, Apple recently announced the launch of their new iPad, which comes with an updated version of iOS called 'Kid Mode'. This mode has been specially designed only to allow access to specific apps and features. It also features a dedicated area where children can see all approved websites they have permission to visit. The tablet will also not contain any adult content or social media platforms within its settings. If this tablet becomes available in your country, you should consider purchasing one as it would make an excellent gift for your child!








Tip 2: Set up parental controls on the tablet








All tablets come pre-installed with some type of security system, but sometimes these aren't enough. For example, if you see tablets for kids that are capable of connecting to the internet, then it will come with web filtering software. This prevents children from visiting websites that could be harmful or unsuitable for them. We recommend you set up your tablet's security features as soon as possible.








Tip 3: Monitor their usage habits








 Your guide to tablets for kids








It can sometimes feel like you're spending more time setting rules than actually enjoying moments together, but this should never stop you from worrying about how much time they spend on their tablet. For example, if tablets for kids have a built-in camera and microphone, these are perfect tracking tools because even when the child isn't using them directly (e.g., Skype-ing friends), they can still track whether or not they've used either part of the device. A tablet for kids can also give you a clear idea of how much time they spend on the tablet each day by keeping track of their usage habits.








Tip 4: Educate yourself about tablet safety features








Every tablet is different, so it's essential to familiarize yourself with its settings and what they do. This way, if there are any concerns or issues that need attention – you're able to tackle them head-on quickly without having to deal with panic attacks. For example, some tablets have parental controls built-in, which allow access through a PIN or lock screen password - letting you control exactly who your child interacts with online as well as blocking inappropriate content entirely.








Tip 5: Maintain tablet safety








Let's say your tablet is equipped with built-in parental controls – it doesn't mean you can simply set them and forget about it. Parental controls in tablets for kids are only as good as the person using them. They're rendered useless if not maintained or updated regularly to ensure that these features remain effective at keeping kids safe online, so make sure to monitor what websites young ones have been visiting regularly– especially since tablet usage isn't always limited within the home as traditional desktop computers may be.








Tip 6: Putting tablet in a central location.








Always put your tablet in a well-trafficked area to avoid having it be forgotten or go missing when not being used by kids and make sure that you keep an eye on where they're going with the tablet at all times, even if you expect them to play games like 'Candy Crush' for hours on end (you never know what other apps young ones might find). This way, if anything inappropriate is found online while browsing through different websites or playing around with apps, parents can address these concerns immediately before things get out of hand and potentially ruin relationships between families and loved ones forever.








Tip 7: Parents should download educational apps on the tablets for kids








Your guide to tablets for kids








This is one of the great tips to use tablets for kids safely, which will improve their knowledge. Parents should download educational apps on the tablet for kids. Little ones can learn many things from apps, such as numbers and letters on tablets for kids.








Tip 8: Parents should set tablet time limits








It is a wise tip to use tablets for kids safely, which will help parents give the best childhood experience to their little ones by setting tablet time limits. It's easy enough to do with a few taps of a finger or swipes on the screen (for older iPads). For iPhones, you'll need to go into your settings if it isn't already turned off. Some people like blocking out all access after X amount of minutes, while others may want complete control over what each child watches—and when they watch it. You know your family better than anyone else!








Tip 9: Secure the tablets for kids








Parents need to secure the device by visiting the Settings menu and activating passcode or password protection so no one else can access it without permission. The same goes for credit card information being saved in apps like iTunes Store, Google Play Store, etc., as cybercriminals have been known to steal personal data off of tablets when they're left unprotected online, including children's pictures that were downloaded into photo albums.
















Your guide to tablets for kids








We hope that the tips we've shared will help you understand how to use tablets for kids. We want everyone, including your children, to be able to reap the benefits of this technology while also avoiding some potential downsides. It can feel like a lot at first, but it should become much easier with these 9 helpful guidelines from our team! Happy tablet-ing!




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