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How to encourage love for reading in kids?

Kids these days are much more interested in playing video games, watching TV, and surfing the internet than they are in reading books. But there is hope! With some guidance from parents and teachers alike, your kids can learn to love reading just as much as you do. This article will discuss 11 ways that you can encourage your children to develop a lifelong love of books.

Top 11 tips to encourage a love of reading in your kids

Following are the top 11 tips to encourage a love of reading in your kids

1. Be enthusiastic about reading yourself

One of the best things you can do to encourage your child's love for books is by being an enthusiastic reader yourself. When children see their parents excitedly diving into a good book, they're much more likely to want to join in on the fun! So curl up with a cosy blanket and get lost in that new thriller or historical fiction novel; it doesn't matter what kind of stories you enjoy as long as you show excitement while reading them aloud together.

2. Make sure kids are getting out and exploring nature 

Kids exploring nature besides reading

Staring at screens all day (TVs, computers, phones) has been shown to decrease creativity levels significantly—and this includes young minds too. As such, it's important to make sure kids are getting out and exploring nature several times every week. Whether you're going for a hike, hanging around at the beach, or checking out your local park system, letting children explore their world on foot is one of the best ways to boost creativity levels and encourage healthy development overall.

3. Read out loud often as a family

 reading aloud is important

One of the most effective things parents can do is read aloud often with their child or children at home. This not only encourages reading but also provides opportunities for bonding between parent and child while improving communication skills down the road too.

4. Encourage reading together 

encourage reading together

Parents should also encourage their children to read along with them even if it's just for ten or twenty minutes at a time. Doing this regularly will help your child learn how to focus more on the activity of reading while giving you another opportunity to bond and build trust with one another over shared interests.

5. Bring storybooks to your kids

Another great way to encourage reading with your children is by bringing a book or two along for them to read when they are going out for an event. This could be anything from school events to family functions, but the key here is that you're spending time together and building on existing relationships.

6. Give books as gifts

 give books as gifts to kids for reading

Giving kids some of their books as presents during birthdays and holidays not only encourages storytelling skills down the road but also gives them another reason to bond with you over shared interests.

7. Encourage your kids to read infographics book

One of the best ways to encourage a love for reading in kids is by letting them read whatever interests they enjoy most. A great way to do this is through infographics books that are filled with colourful pictures and graphics as opposed to long-form written content.

8. Read together before bedtime

Another important time when you should be encouraging your child's love for reading is right before he or she goes to sleep at night. This builds on existing habits and helps establish new ones, such as developing better sleeping patterns down the road.

9. Create a kids' book club

create a book club for reading

One way to encourage your children's love for reading is through setting up weekly meet-ups with their friends. Encourage them to bring whatever books they are currently reading and then set time aside where you all can discuss what each person has read so far, as well as share recommendations on great reads or authors that should be explored further.

10. Introduce your kids to the literature world

Encourage your kids to explore the classic world of literature that will surely motivate them to read books. Whether you take them to a local book festival, set up a time for them to read with their grandparents or other older family members or even watch some old films together about famous authors and literary figures, introduce your children into this vast new world that they can grow in throughout the years ahead!

11. Give different reading sources such as e-books

One way to encourage reading is by introducing electronic books (e-books) such as Kindle's Ebook Reader. Although there are many benefits of real physical books over an ebook reader - which include sharing/lending out library books among friends and family without worrying about losing them.

There are many other ways parents can improve literacy skills including practising spelling words, making flashcards, working through vocabulary exercises, studying punctuation rules, and so forth but these thirteen tips should be enough for now!


reading is important

This article has given you 11 steps to encourage your kids to love reading. All that’s left is for you to be as involved and excited about books as they are. Reading aloud with them is a great way to do this! It also helps if you let them pick out what book or genre of books interests them most so they have ownership over their own reading experience. If it doesn't work at first, don't give up - try again later on in their lives when they're more interested in writing themselves! The time spent now will help set your child up for success later on in life by encouraging a lifelong hobby and passion.

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