Why Teaching Kids to Say Please and Thank You Is Important


By teaching kids to say please and thank you, parents are teaching their children manners. But teaching them to use these phrases is about more than teaching them how to act in public; it’s also teaching them how they should act when thanking the people who help make life possible for themselves and their families. Teaching them to say please and thank you helps remind us of all of our own manners while showing our children that we care enough about others' feelings. It also shows them that we're willing to take a few seconds out of our day to honor them with this small gesture. In this post, we will look at other reasons why teaching them to say these two phrases are important.

Why is saying please and thank you beneficial?

Every human is respected for the way he behaves to others. And when your child portrays the most polite demeanor, she/he will have a bright future. Here are some reasons to show how teaching kids to say please and thank you will shape them.

1. Kids who are taught to be polite learn empathy.

Kids who learn to be polite will always get help from others. They know what they need and how to ask for it in a proper manner. They would not hesitate to ask or expecting others to lend them something because teaching kids to say please and thank you is important. This also helps employers find under-prepared workers, which can lead employees to have greater chances of being advanced to higher positions at work overtime.

2. Your child will never disrespect elders 

When you teach kids to say please and thank you when it is necessary they grow into people with a lot of respect towards themselves and others. They'll have an appreciation for life, respect others' opinions teaching kids, and would never cross boundaries teaching children the right mannerisms.

3. It builds their confidence

Teaching your child how to be polite also helps build up their confidence as well as making it easier for them when meeting new people teaching children at school or in public places teaching kids manners. Having these good manners will give them the opportunity to interact with people at ease knowing that they are respecting others teaching children social skills.

4. Your child will be appreciated everywhere

When teaching children about manners, it is important that they learn how to ask politely as well as express gratitude when receiving something from someone else. These simple words can go a long way in making people feel appreciated and valued which will make them want to be around your child more often! Remember not only parents but all the relatives or friends who give their time are worthy of respect with these two phrases said sincerely by your little ones too.

5. Your child will not be afraid of losing others

teaching kids not to be afraid of losing others is important

Many children are afraid of saying no to others because they're worried they might lose a friend or alienate their family. Teaching kids how to say please and thank you helps them learn the importance of being polite when someone is asking for something from them, but also learning that it's okay if not everyone wants what your child does too. This teaches independence without teaching selfishness which will help with relationships in school as well!

6. Your child will grow up as a generous person

 teaching kids to grow as generous person is important

Teaching kids to say please and thank you not only helps them learn the importance of being polite, but it also makes your child into a generous person. When they are given something or do something for someone else, teaching them that saying thank you is just as important as giving back one day helps their mindset grow in a positive way!

7. Your child will inspire others.

teaching kids to inspire others is important

Sometimes teaching kids to say please and thank you just means teaching them how to be kind, which is a wonderful skill everyone should have. If your child says please or thank you within their actions, they will inspire others around them to do the same too. Yes! Teaching them good manners like this can really make an impact on the world. This generation of children are learning more than ever before at school and home, so teaching them these simple skills will help build up their future and others around them.

Final thoughts 

 teaching kids about gestures  is important

Teaching young minds to say please and thank you isn't always easy, but teaching them this important skill will help with future relationships! These are not hard skills for your child to learn, but teaching them will make a world of difference within their future. If you have more than one child at home, try teaching the older siblings how they can also be good role models for the younger ones too. They might expect it from friends or other family members first hand which is completely normal!

It’s important that children grow up with these social graces in mind because it shows respect towards others as well as self-respect through being considerate about what they need throughout life.

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