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How Can You Help Children Overcome Exam Stress?

Exams are a looming, stressful event for students. Whether they are high schoolers or adults taking an exam for the first time in college, there is always some level of stress that accompanies it. But how can we help children overcome this stress? There are many ways to make exams less stressful and still be productive. The key is finding what works best for your child so they can do their best during testing. One option would be to give them advance notice about the exam date and time, so they have ample opportunity to prepare accordingly. 

This may also include giving them extra time on tests if needed and making sure their study area is free from distractions like televisions or other electronics, which could take up valuable brain space with superfluous information rather than the information needed for the test. Another option would be to spend some time really warming them up before the exam by using various relaxation techniques or even fun puzzles like Sudoku and others that might help with thinking in different ways that they don't usually do when studying for tests.

kids dealing with exam stress

Exam Stress Management

Exam stress is a common concern for most students. Parents are often worried as well, especially when their children are starting to experience exam anxiety. There are some things parents can do to make their children more comfortable during the stressful exam period. Exam stress management is crucial because it will help your child towards leading a better and healthier lifestyle.

 emotional reaction of fear, uncertainty and depression during exam

Exam stress is an emotional reaction of fear, uncertainty or depression that occurs when students are faced with an exam whether they like it or not. Parents must understand the reason behind stress management as some children and teenagers might feel that their parents do not know how they are feeling. Some ways in which parents can help their children who are experiencing exam stress is by advising them to participate in a sport or hobby outside of their school curriculum.

7 Ways To Help Your Child Overcome Exam Stress

As parents, we know the importance of a good education. But what happens when our child is facing exam stress? Exams can be a stressful time for many students, especially if they are not prepared. With exams looming shortly, it is critical to ensure that your child has all the tools necessary to overcome exam stress and perform well on their tests. Exam pressure affects students in various ways, making it essential for parents to be aware of their individual child's exam stress. We must understand the reasons behind these feelings and address them accordingly. The following are steps you can take to help your child deal with exam pressure:

1. Discuss the exam with them and what they need to do to prepare

Exam stress can be easily reduced by being well prepared. Please help your child understand what they need to do to prepare for their exam by laying out a study schedule before the exam and encourage them to stick with it. Exam preparation should be done before the exam so that your child is not caught unaware on exam day.

father discussing about exam to his child

2. Encourage a healthy diet and exercise routine leading up to the exam

To promote an active lifestyle, encourage your child to eat healthily and exercise regularly, leading up to the exam. Suppose your child is not a regular exerciser or eater of fruits and vegetables. In that case, you may want to consider encouraging them to participate in an exercise program or sign up for a nutrition class at school.

3. Make sure they get enough sleep (at least 8 hours)

Before exams, it is essential to ensure that students have been well-rested and had adequate sleep as this helps improve their memory and concentration during examinations. Exam pressure can affect the child's sleep cycle, so do encourage them to find ways of reducing it.

mother helping child fall asleep

4. Help them develop an effective time management plan for studying

Exam stress can be effectively managed by time management. This simply means identifying what children must do in a given time and then working out how to schedule their time to complete those tasks.

5. Provide reassurance to your child

Reassurance can help lower the exam stress a child faces. If your child is approaching you for help, make sure that you remain calm and provide them with a listening ear. Ensure that they know that coping with exam stress is possible as long as they understand those around them are meeting their needs.

6. Encourage them consistently

Children like it when they see their parents encouraging them. This helps build their confidence and provides them with the strength to take exams. Encouraging kids to study hard and work on strategies to beat the stress will boost their self-esteem and help them succeed.

exam stress can be reduced through constant encouragement

7. Keep an eye out for potential triggers

Avoid excessive or monotonous study routines that might lead to exam stress as they can be counterproductive. The child should have time for exercise and relaxation in their daily schedule, and it is also beneficial if they can create some form of support network with others who are taking exams.

child writing her exam peacefully without exam stress


Learning how to help children overcome exam stress is one of the most important things you can do as a parent. You're probably already aware that stress has many adverse effects on your child, but did you know it also impacts their academic performance? If not, don't worry! We're here to provide some tips and tricks for reducing your kids' anxiety levels so they can focus more on studying than worrying. As parents, you are your child's most influential role model and have a significant impact on how they cope with stress in their life. Therefore taking time to understand why they feel under pressure and working together to develop strategies is an essential step towards helping them manage the inevitable anxiety that comes with exam season.

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