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10 Educational toys Ideas For kids who are in preschool


Kids are the future, and they need to be educated in order to succeed. But a lot of parents don't know how to go about educating their kids, so they often turn to educational toys for help. This is where we come in! In this blog post, we will tell you all about 10 different educational toys that can help your child learn while having fun.

What is meant by educational toys for preschoolers?

Educational toys for preschoolers are designed to help children learn, interact and have fun. They're usually made from durable materials like plastic or wood that can withstand the abuse of a child.

What will your kids be learning while playing with educational toys?

Following are the things your preschooler will learn while playing with educational toys:

  1. colors, shapes, and counting;
  2. vocabulary words in both English and Spanish;
  3. fruits and vegetable identification by touch;
  4. basic measurement skills (metric system);
  5. musical notes recognition.

Top 10 Educational Toys for Preschoolers

Following are the top 10 educational toys for preschoolers:

1. Set of stacking cups

The first toy is a set of stacking cups. These are great because they teach children how to stack things on top of each other, and then knock them down! This teaches kids about the order in which something needs to be done (a must for any job) while also teaching them that there’s always room for more.

2. Doodle books

One of the best educational toys is doodle too

One of the best educational toys we recommend is one of those little doodle books, where your child can draw whatever they want with their markers or crayons. Sometimes it’s hard for preschoolers to think outside the box when it comes to writing new words; this gives them an outlet so that creativity doesn't go unused.

3. Picture boxes

Number three on our list may come as a surprise to some parents: those little games you can buy at the grocery store! You know, the ones that come in boxes with pictures of fruits or animals? These are really great for teaching kids about colors and numbers.

4. iPad Mini

one of the amazing educational toys for kids is ipad mini

One of the amazing educational toys we would like to recommend is one from an actual toy store, which will be more expensive but also worth it if your child takes well to any type of electronics - getting them something like an iPad mini could mean they learn faster than their peers because they're exposed to so much information on such a big screen.

5. Puzzles

 one of the best educational toys for kids is puzzles

One of the best Educational toys we recommend is a good old-fashioned one: puzzles! Puzzles are an easy way for kids to learn about shapes and sizes, as well as problem-solving. Your child will be able to work on their motor skills too by holding the puzzle pieces in place while they try to put them together.

6. Blocks

blocks for kids is another educational toys for kids

One Of the most amazing educational toys is blocks. Blocks are a very versatile toy because there are so many different things you can do with them! You can stack them up to build towers, create shapes and letters from the alphabet, or even use them as pretend food for play-dates at home or at school! If your child loves stacking blocks on top of each other we recommend getting some triangle shaped ones - they're perfect for cones (you know like ice cream!). Building with them will teach your child about shape sorting, color learning, and the different ways they can create things out of their imagination.

7. Colorful pictures

The seventh educational toy is books which have a lot of colorful pictures! Books help your child's language development because it gives them exposure to new words as well as the world around them. We recommend getting at least one board book (books made out of cardboard) so you don't have to worry too much if your little one spills something on their pages. We want our children exposed to other languages from an early age - this will help when they're learning English later on down the line!

8. iPad for preschoolers

Educational toys for preschoolers are the iPad. The iPad is a great toy for preschoolers because it's interactive and they can explore the world around them in different ways with apps like Youtube Kids, Netflix, PBS Kids Video App, or even their own creativity on an app such as Paint!

9. Legos

Legos is another educational toys for kids

Educational toys for kids are Legos too. This will help children develop problem-solving skills that are crucial to learning. Children learn how things fit together by putting lego blocks together - this helps kids think outside of the box which can be helpful when solving problems at school or just live situations overall.

10. Maths games

Lastly, there are math games that you can buy online to go along with your child's age group and skill level! We recommend trying out these Math games: Snapmatics, Mathletics, and the Preschool Learning Apps.

All the above educational toys will definitely enrich the minds of preschoolers, and get them off to a good start for elementary school.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of 10 educational toys for kids who are in preschool. There is a wide variety of toys to choose from that will help your child learn about the world around them and their own personal interests. What do you think? Do any of these sound like something your little one would enjoy playing with? What do you think about these suggestions? Did we miss anything off our list or did we include something that your kids already enjoy playing with? Let us know if there's anything else we can add by leaving a comment below! 

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