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10 tips for raising healthy toddlers

 tips to raising healthy toddlers

Raising a healthy child can be challenging, especially when you live in the age of social media. With so many distractions pushing their way into your home, it can sometimes feel like your toddler is never off-screen. This blog post will give parents ten tips that they should use to help improve their child's health.

Top 10 tips to improve child's health

 tips to raising healthy toddlers

Following are the top 10 tips to improve your child's health:

Tip 1: Limit screen time

Limit the amount of time your child spends watching TV or using their tablet. The human brain develops rapidly between 0-25 years, so children must use their minds creatively to stimulate development and not just be passive members of society who spend all day glued to a screen.

Tip 2: Have family meals together as much as possible

It can be easy for families to fall into the habit of only having one meal together each day. Still, studies show that this reduces social interaction within families, which has been proven to reduce depression rates. Eating healthy food together also ensures kids are getting nutrients they need from home-cooked meals instead of fast food (which often contains high sugar).

Tip 3: Provide them with a nutritious and balanced diet

The food your child consumes directly impacts their overall health, so it's essential to provide them with healthy snacks and meals. It can be difficult at first because kids are often fussy eaters, but if you insist they get involved in preparing the meal or snack, this will help encourage your kid to try new flavours and textures, which is essential for good nutrition.

Tip 4: Get outdoors as much as possible

tips to raising healthy toddlers

Studies have shown that children who spend more time outside tend to be healthier than those who don't go out enough, so make sure there is plenty of outdoor playtimes every day, even if it’s just a short walk around the neighbourhood. This helps improve physical fitness and stimulates both mind and body through exciting activities such as climbing trees, playing ball games, and the occasional mud fight!

Tip 5: Top up on their Vitamin D

Most of us spend a great deal of time indoors in the winter, and for this reason, we tend to fall short when it comes to our daily intake of vitamin D, which is essential for strong bones. Make sure your kids get out into the sun so they can absorb some much-needed rays via their skin but do remember that too much exposure without protection may result in slight burns or even cancer.

Tip 6: Make sure they eat breakfast

It may seem like a no-brainer, but many children skip the most important meal of the day. Getting them to munch on something nutritious in the morning is vital for their concentration and focus levels throughout school hours. This will also help your child maintain a healthy weight which all parents want.

Tip 7: Cut down on sugar and food colouring

It is a great way to enhance a child’s health. It's not just adults who need to avoid excessive amounts of sugar. However, our kids are far more sensitive. The average toddler consumes three times as much sugar compared to an adult, so make it crystal clear that sugary foods should only be eaten occasionally or better still, cut out fizzy drinks completely! Food dyes can cause hyperactivity in young children. Don't be fooled by the marketing ploys of colourful cereals, drinks, and snacks- they're bad for your child's health.

Tip 8: Ban junk food

 tips to raising healthy toddlers

Another staggering fact is that kids are becoming obese at younger ages than ever before; this could lead to serious illness in later life such as heart disease or diabetes, so you must set a good example of eating healthy foods from an early age. If possible, always eat together as a family and try not to have any distractions (TV/Laptops). This will help them understand what they should be eating more and how much exercise they need every day! Make sure their portions aren't too large either - encourage them to finish everything on their plate but don't let them go to bed feeling hungry.

Tip 9: Make them do exercise

This is the best tip to improve a child's health. By doing exercise, they can enhance their health and body. Exercises keep kids healthy and fit. So, let them do some exercises every day. For example: running in the park/playing with their friends outside/jumping on trampolines etc.

Tip 10: Teach them to sleep well

Teaching kids to sleep is vital. It's important for a child's health and body, so let them go to bed early every night (not too late) because if they don't get enough rest at night it can affect their mood the next day! They should also have a good sleeping environment which means no TVs or iPads in their bedroom - this will help ensure that they can get some decent shut-eye each evening.


tips to raising healthy toddlers

It's not always easy to find the time or money for doctor’s appointments and other treatments. These 10 tips should help you improve your child’s health without breaking the bank, even if it just means making small changes in their diet. If you're looking for more information about how to raise a healthy child, please go through all our posts! Our goal is to share this knowledge through blogs like these so that every parent out there has access to essential insights on raising kids!

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