9 Ways to Ensure Happy Students in School

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A school is a happy place for most students. Many people believe that happy students are the key to a happy school. There are few things more satisfying than receiving an ''A'' on a math test or knowing you got to play soccer at recess. When happy students are in school, they learn better and have fewer behavioural problems. To ensure happy students in school, these nine ways will help you.



Top 9 tips to ensure happy students

Dear teachers, we understand that this isn''t an easy task. No worries, we''ve got you. Here are some methods that will help you in maintaining happy kids in your classroom and campus.

1. Give them free time.

Allocate time at recess/lunchtime for activities like sports or playing with toys outside under the supervision of teachers and peers to reduce excess energy through physical activity. If there is not enough time during a lunch break, they get proper exercise before going back into classrooms because lack of physical activity can lead to destructive behaviour.


2. Provide them access to technology

Technology is a great tool that should be used in classrooms as it can help students with learning. When you give your students a chance to use modern technologies like tablets, computers, or smart boards, they will be happy because new techs are always exciting for kids! Also, teachers who don''t have enough gadgets at their disposal need not worry about this problem anymore because there are many online tools available nowadays, which makes everyone''s life easier. We suggest trying out some cool free apps from Google Play Store. Let us know if you find something suitable for these educational games.

3. Make sure they eat healthy food.

Happy students need to eat healthy foods. So make sure they have healthy snacks in school. Healthy food is essential to ensure happy students during and after the class hours, so make sure they are well fed with fresh fruits or any other healthy meal as an afternoon snack.


4. Make them sleep at the right time.

Teach your student about the importance of a good night''s sleep. The magic number here is around seven-eight hours per night – get your kids into this habit from an early age and trust us, they''ll thank you later when they''re grown up enough to understand how beneficial those eight hours were every single day since birth! If you want happy students, let them go to bed on time because it will help them concentrate better throughout the day and maintain a happy mood while studying for exams too!

5. Noticing their happy moods

A happy student means a productive learning process, so make sure that your kid is happy and motivated at all times! If you notice that something doesn''t feel right, then do whatever it takes to cheer them up, whether it''s just talking about the issue or taking them out for ice cream on a sunny afternoon – we guarantee they''ll get better grades next time around if their happy mindset returns!


6. Treating physical injuries when needed

Physical activity is essential, but sometimes students don''t know where to stop with sports etc. We say this because too much exercise can lead to stress, anxiety, and uneasiness. Mental health issues can be just as harmful if left unattended, so don''t forget to take care of those too! Make sure you tell them what proper moderation looks like so they can keep both their health and happiness in balance at any given time of day.

7. Ensure that the students don''t fight with each other

When students fight with each other, it can lead to the rest of the class feeling tense and unhappy. Make sure that you intervene as soon as possible if you see two people fighting before someone gets seriously hurt. Better yet, take extra measures to make happy experiences for your class, so nobody feels like they have an excuse to start a conflict! When everyone is satisfied in a classroom environment, there''s no reason anyone feels stressed or unwell because another classmate isn''t enjoying themselves either


8. Make time for laughter everyday.

Laughter is one of the most excellent medicines out there- look at how many comedians are still alive today despite making jokes every day about serious subjects! It may not be a good idea to give kids too many happy thoughts, but one or two hours of laughter every day will do wonders for your class.

9. Include activities

Don''t be afraid to include some happy activities in school- kids need time to relax too! Even if you make training mandatory for attendance (within reason), nobody will mind because it''s still fun. If any children don''t want to participate in the happy activity, let them choose something else they would like to do instead; this can help teach children how much control we have over our happiness as long as we take responsibility for ourselves.



Final thoughts

Every school must make sure that its students are happy and engaged. With these above tips, you can surely brighten your students'' day. All the best, teacher!

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