9 Tips on Teaching Your Kids Basic Maths

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Many kids see Maths as a difficult subject and thus avoid it at any cost. However, basic maths is a fundamental skill that we all need in today''s society. As parents, you might be wondering how to help them develop their math skills at home?

It is important that children learn the importance of basic maths early on because kids need math literacy for future success no matter what career path they choose. In fact, studies show there is a large gap between what students are learning in class compared to real-life situations where you need basic maths skills.

We do understand that many parents feel intimidated by maths, but don''t worry! This article will discuss 9 tips that will help your child feel more confident in their basic maths skills!


Importance Of Knowing Basic Maths


Basic maths is used every day in many different professions, like engineers, accountants, architects, and scientists, just to name a few! Basic maths skills can help kids learn how to add, subtract, divide and multiply numbers in various ways that don''t always involve pencil-and-paper calculations.

The purpose of this article is not only to give you tricks on how your kid could improve their abilities but also the methods behind it. Let''s take a look at each tip below:

1. Get the Right Learning Material

Many books are available today are explicitly aim at basic maths; thus, it can be overwhelming deciding which ones would be best for your child. Math books such as the ''Fun with Math'' series or traditional materials like workbooks and flashcards are great options to start with.

2. Practice Everyday

Even if your kid doesn''t want to do math problems on a regular basis, there are still small things that kids could do every day! For example: ask them to add items at the grocery store while shopping, count plates while setting the table, or even keep track of how many times they brush their teeth each night.


3. Make It Fun

There''s no denying that some children respond better than others when it comes to learning maths. This is where parents and teachers can really help. Math doesn''t have to be the dry, boring subject that no one likes because if taught correctly, it can actually be fun!

4. Use Technology for Learning

From simple apps and programs like ABCya and IXL, all the way up to engaging virtual reality experiences, Math has never been more accessible! With so many new possibilities constantly being produced, there''s no excuse for kids refusing to learn basic maths.

5. Teach Math Skills Together

Don''t just assume your child will pick up on basic maths naturally when they''re young because you might find yourself struggling after school starts. One way around this is to do basic maths together as a family. It can even help boost the overall morale of all those involved.


6. Make use of board games.

Board games can be a great way to introduce basic maths concepts, such as fractions or multiplication tables. But they also go beyond by using math in ways that kids might not think of on their own, like logic problems. Furthermore, Board games are affordable and are readily available.

7. Math doesn''t have to be just about numbers.

You can also teach your child basic maths such as geometry and graphing. These might not seem like they play a direct role in Math, but they are often used outside the classroom. Plus, learning them could heighten their overall interest in Math even more!

8. Teach Math skills through songs & playtime!

Kids love learning new things when it''s done in a fun way. One easy idea is to sing along with your child while you''re cooking meals together or playing at the park. It will teach them how to count from one to ten, the alphabet as well as other key topics! In addition, you''ll both have some bonding time over this activity.


9. Use basic maths to teach social skills!

Not only is Math one of the most important subjects when it comes to future success in school, but also throughout life. Next time you''re at your local bookstore or library, pick up some math-related books about friendship and how they show us that working together can help everyone succeed rather than doing things on our own. It will also help them learn new concepts while reinforcing what they''ve already learned.


Final thoughts

In conclusion, knowing basic maths are very important for kids to develop if they want to succeed! Be creative and do what works best for both of you! Don''t forget to use these nine tips whenever you have time.

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