9 fun activities for kids you can play in the backyard

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Do you have a backyard? If so, you are in luck! There are many fun activities for kids that can be done outside. One of these is making an obstacle course with cones or chalk to practice running and jumping. Another idea is playing hide-and-seek in the yard. You could also make a mud pie and have your child decorate it with leaves from trees or flowers from the garden. There''s undoubtedly no reason for your little champs to be bored when there''s a whole world of unique and outdoor play waiting for them. How many of these games do you think you can play with your kids in your backyard? This blog post will discuss the top 9 fun activities for kids that can be done in the backyard


Top 9 fun activities for kids in the backyard


Following are the top 9 fun activities for kids in the backyard

1. Making an obstacle course

One of the best fun activities for kids is to make an obstacle course in the backyard. To do this, you will need some cones or chalk. Place the cone on the ground and have your child run through them to practice running and jumping skills. You can also make a shape with three or four cones for children to jump over. This is an excellent way to get kids active while spending time outdoors in the fresh air at home.

2. Making mud pies


Another fun activity is making mud pies. Your little one can help by making their very own pie using dirt and grass from outside as well as leaves from trees, flowers, etc. Have him/her decorate it however they wish before enjoying eating it together

3. Playing Hide-and-seek


A great backyard game many parents may remember is hide-and-seek. This can be played with one child or in a group of children, depending on how many are playing and their age ranges. So, this can also be one of the fun activities for kids in the backyard.

4. Playing catch

Another fun game you might have done when younger to play outside was throwing around a ball and trying to hit it with a bat, catching it if possible. The same idea can be used with a child, except it is likely they may not have the strength to hit as hard. You might want to start off by having them sit on the ground or sitting in your lap so that you don’t scare them away from playing outside

5. Playing catch using balls and bats

It is one of the fun activities for kids in the backyard one could remember doing when younger. This game can be played alone between two people or more depending on how many are playing. Also, this is one of those activities which parents will enjoy joining along if any children would like help throwing the ball back and forth.

6. Painting rocks for nature walks

Painting rocks is one of the most popular fun activities for kids. For kids who love art activities as well as spending time outdoors, painting rocks may prove an excellent option. Once they''re painted your child can take the decorated rock out on nature hikes or adventures to leave behind surprise decorations along the way! You could even make this into an outdoor scavenger hunt.

7. Building a slip and slide from the hoses

Building a slip is one of the most popular fun activities for kids. For kids who love playing in the water, building a slip and slide from the hose is an excellent choice. Once you''ve gathered all your supplies this will take about ten minutes to construct (if that).

Once it''s built just attach one end of the hose to the faucet and turn it on for some fun outdoor summertime sliding! This can be dangerous though so make sure little ones are supervised at all times if they''re taking part.

8. Hanging out under the stars with glow sticks or lanterns

Kids who love being active will have lots of fun hanging out outside after dark with glow sticks or even stringing up special party lights in order to create their own space under the stars. Why not take this one step further and string up some bunting or fairy lights (available in most stores during the summer months) for a fun family night under the stars.

This idea of fun activities for kids is perfect if you''ve got a large yard with lots of trees that blocks out direct street lighting. If your backyard doesn''t offer much privacy then another option would be to head over to a local park once it gets dark outside and enjoy an evening picnic there instead!

9. Making mud forts


Making mud forts is one of the most popular fun activities for kids. It''s also a great option if you don''t have direct access to your backyard during the month or year because virtually every park will offer children somewhere that they can get their hands dirty and build some massive structures!


Benefits of fun activities in the backyard for the kids

Following are the key benefits of fun activities in the backyard for kids:

  1. The kids will be able to spend quality time with their parents while enjoying themselves at the same time.
  2. There won''t be any distractions like phones so, kids can feel the real enthusiasm in the backyard.
  3. They get to explore the backyard and learn more about it.
  4. It''s a great way for them to have fun in their own private space which they can call theirs under trees or among bushes.




If you''re a parent who''s looking for some fun activities for kids in the backyard, there are plenty of options. We''ve selected our top 9 favorite fun activities for kids that will keep little ones entertained all summer long! From hide-and-seek to making forts, these backyard game ideas have something for every age group. What are some of your family’s go-to backyard games? Share us in the comments section below.

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