8 Ways to Increase Bonding with Family

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As a parent, one of your top priorities is to make sure that you spend quality time bonding with family. If you don''t have a lot of time for this, then it''s important to be strategic about how you approach the bonding process.

This article will discuss 8  tips for bonding with family members and build stronger relationships.


Top 8 Tips To Improve Bonding With Family


Following are the top 8 tips to improve bonding with family:

1. Create a special family day.

One of the best ways to improve bonding with family is having an entire day dedicated just for them. If you can, try and get out or spend some time at home together each weekend. But if this isn''t possible due to schedules and commitments, then plan to bring everyone''s calendars in sync so that someone can take charge of planning a fun event for everyone involved.

2. Eat dinner together as often as possible.

It might sound like something pretty easy, but it can have big implications on how people feel about their relationships and interactions throughout the rest of the evening (and even through future dinners). Mealtimes can be an excellent opportunity for people of different generations in your family/household to spend family time over something they all have an interest in – food!

3. Play games together.

From board games to sports – there are many different types of fun activities that one can do with the family. While it might seem simple or even silly at times – playing these sorts of games is a great way for people to have family time and have some laughs with one another! If you''re not sure what sort of game would work best with your family members, feel free to ask around (or look online) as the internet will provide more options than you''ll know what to do!


4. Organize an event for all involved.

This tip ties into Tip #2 in certain ways; however, this time, instead of simply eating dinner together – think about doing something else outside/inside where everyone can get involved. For example, if it''s a cold day out – perhaps someone could host an indoor picnic where people can sit around and chat with one another? If everyone is feeling up to it – you could even challenge them to a game of bingo!

5. Hold a contest.

This tip is the more interesting one compared to some of the previous ones on this list. The idea behind it is pretty simple; whoever''s participating gets their name written down, and every time someone does something good/positive – you cross off that person''s name out of the running! For example, if your family members are all working together to prepare dinner for everyone – then perhaps they should be rewarded with crossing another person''s name off the list! If only one person makes dinner, though? They''re going to win no matter what (unless there happens to be outside interference). It might not sound like much fun at first, but once people get into it – I''m sure even the most stubborn family members will be more than willing to give it a shot!


6. Try listening before talking/interrupting during conversations with other members of the family. 

Be sure to let them know that they have your full attention and then ask questions if there are any gaps left over once you''ve finished listening. Hearing someone out will go a long way towards improving relationships between people even when those people might not be used to being listened to otherwise! It takes courage but pays off big time for everyone involved. You never know what somebody else has been through until you listen, so do your best to make the most of these opportunities when they arise.

7. Plan family get together every week.

This is one of the great ways to improve bonding with family members and build memories that will last forever. It doesn''t matter whether you do it every week or just once in a while. Setting aside time for people who care about each other most will be so worth the effort!


8. Family game night.

This can still be a super fun way to improve bonding with family if everyone makes an honest effort at having some fun together without getting too competitive about winning. It should always be more important how much everybody gains from spending quality time together. Perhaps there could even be rules against using electronics during these games? If a person is on their phone, they''ll likely miss out on key elements of what''s happening in the game and, therefore, won''t feel engaged.



With these 8 tips to improve bonding with family, you can get closer to your family and have fun with them. Whether it''s a special evening out or just time at home together, try some of these bonding activities that are scientifically proven to help strengthen relationships. You may be surprised by the positive results!

If you want even more ideas for how to bond with your family, give our team a call today. We would love to hear from you about what days work best for meeting in person so we can bring everything together--we know there are not enough hours in the day!  Have any of these methods helped improve your relationship with friends or relatives? Which ones will you put into practice this year? Let us know below!

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