8 Must Have Toys for 1-Year-Olds

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Toys are important because they help kids about the world around them. Yes! Parents can do this by using toys to explore their kids'' senses, interact with other children and adults, and build social skills. But we do get it that it is hard to keep toys for 1-year-olds in stock! They''re growing so quickly and they have a lot of toys from birthdays, Christmas, etc. It can be overwhelming to try to figure out which toys are the best ones for them at this age! And so, we present the eight best toys for 1-year-olds with which they''ll play and learn at the same time!



How Toys Help in Development of Kids

Don''t forget that toys are not just for but also for motor skills or sensory development! Toys can actually help develop musical intelligence, self-awareness, communication skills, emotional intelligence, creativity...the list goes on.

Do you know that studies have found that children who play with toys have better mental development than those who do not? So explore your options before making a final purchase! Here are the toys for 1-year-olds that you can''t go wrong with!


8 Toys for 1 Year Olds You Must Get!

1. Puzzles

Starting off our list of toys for 1-year-olds, we introduce the generation-winning game - puzzle! Puzzles are toys that encourage children to think critically. Learning shapes is very important for early development, so puzzles help with this! When they start putting the pieces together on their own, it''s a great feeling of accomplishment and pride! 


2. Balls

Not only do balls help with hand-eye coordination by allowing your child to toss it back and forth, but they also encourage movement which helps strengthen bones in young bodies! There''s nothing better than playing fetch with a puppy...now you get an opportunity to play fetch with your kids! So go ahead and pick some brightly colored ones.

3. Music Toys

Every child loves music - it stimulates emotions in them while developing both motor skills and language abilities. So why not get toys for your baby which enhance all these developmental areas? Music toys are perfect because they have lots of bright colors or lights as well as different textures which stimulate tactile senses too! Don''t forget about drums either...they are also fun toys for 1-year-olds as well. But you might want to hold off until later due to volume levels :)

4. Tegu magnetic building blocks

This is our absolute favorite toy on this list. The reason why it''s so good for kids at this age is that they love to mimic their parents and older siblings by playing pretend: ''I''m cooking dinner'', or ''let''s have a tea party''. With these Tegu blocks, your little ones will be able to engage in dramatic play as well as develop fine motor skills (a protective coating on each block ensures no chipping)! If you''re looking for toys like wooden blocks but better suited for smaller hands, these are the toys to get!


5. Ride-on Toys & Push Toys

It may seem like toys for this age are all about toys that move on their own, but there are plenty of ride-on toys and push toys available to choose from. For the littlest ones who aren''t quite old enough for big pedal cars or scooters yet, we recommend getting something like this Push & Ride Lion which is perfect because it''s both fun and educational. Your little one will feel so grown up pushing buttons and making noises while they learn cause/effect relationships! Plus its small size means no long walks in the park with your child begging you to carry them after just five minutes :)

6. Educational board games

Children will absolutely love board games and if they''re educational, then it is a 1+1 bounty! Science board games, math board games, and so on are available which you can use to entertain and teach your child. You might wonder why we have included this in the list of toys for 1-year-olds but believe us, the earlier you kick start their education, the merrier it will be in the future.

7. Telescope

Toys for 1-year-olds needn’t always have to be something to play with but can also be used to observe with! Your child will not be able to see the moon up close or planets like Jupiter, Saturn, and Venus but it is still a very good gift if you want him/her to get interested in astronomy. Plus telescopes are available for children of different ages so that even your one-year-old can enjoy looking at things far away from them!


8. Train toys

Do you want a toy that makes sounds while playing with it? Check out train toys! These toys come with tracks where they run through, making all kinds of noises as they go on top of bridges, tunnels, etc. While these toys may seem too loud or annoying at first (especially when played by adults), kids absolutely love this sound effect while playing with their trains.


Final Thoughts

We really do suggest getting educational toys for 1-year-olds as this builds up their mind and skills! They may be kids now, but we should always remember they''re still babies at heart who need help growing into strong toddlers through learning. You can even go to toy stores or websites that specialize in toys for specific ages and get the best toys according to your little one’s age! We hope our list has helped you in your search for toys that will best suit the needs of your little ones.

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