As a parent, your everyday struggle is to train your child to behave. None of us wants to shout at our little ones or hit them, but we do it sometimes because we lose our temperament. This toxic reaction of yours might have adverse effects on kids. Parents should never equate Discipline with punishment. In this blog,  we will discuss the strategies to discipline your child in healthy ways.

Right ways to discipline a child

 Corporal punishment or anger can never be the right approach to discipline your child as it can create resentment in the child. Disciplining your preschoolers can be a really tricky part of your parenting.

 Healthy ways you can follow to discipline  your child 

Creative  distraction

When your child is being stubborn, and becomes difficult to handle, distracting them with a more positive activity can prove to be helpful for example- by changing the topic, engaging them in some household chores, or going for a walk, you can successfully divert their energy towards positive behavior.

Do’s and Don’ts while disciplining your child

 Explain to them the consequences of their bad behavior

If you want your child to stop scribbling on the walls, you can’t hit them or take their playtime off. Try to explain to them the reason why scribbling on walls is not good. This provides them with a warning and an opportunity to change their behavior. Spanking or hitting your little ones will teach them that violence can be a way to make things done or solve problems. These actions may stop their misbehavior for a while but create long-term temperamental issues in them. Try to search for alternatives to physical punishment

 Set a routine

Structure your child’s everyday schedule to make your child get used to a routine. Set a particular time for their homework, fun activities, and household chores. Encourage them to stick to their schedule so that it becomes their habit. This is the best authoritative approach to instilling discipline in your child.