5 Activities To Explore The 5 Senses For Kids

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The 5 senses are sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing. It is said that the 5 senses are the window to our soul. This means that these 5 senses help us get in touch with ourselves and others better. The 5 senses allow us to appreciate the beauty in the world around us. Therefore, everyone needs to keep all 5 of their senses sharp.

If you''re looking for 5 sense activities, then this is a great place to start. You will find 5 sets of activities suitable for 5-10-year-olds. Have a look through them and you''ll have plenty of fun trying out some 5 senses experiments with your kids!


<2>5 Activities for the 5 senses
  1. Touch

Art materials that are easy to mold or paint can be used around the house, such as clay, frosting from cake decorations, cookie dough, etc. In this 5 senses activity for kids, children use their fingers to feel the different textures of clay before deciding which one they think might be the softest. After each has compared several, they discuss which one was hardest or easiest to identify by touch alone.


  1. Smell

This 5 senses activity for kids is an easy way to get children keen on smelling things. The grownup should cut open a few pieces of fruit, perhaps oranges or lemons, and the child can take turns holding one underneath their nose - but out of sight! Can they tell which it is by smell alone? If you want to make this 5 sense exploration more scientific, try blindfolding them and having them touch and smell each piece. This could be a really fun activity for the children and will also help them in identifying various objects just with the smell.


  1. Sound

5 senses activity for kids: Grownups and children can explore sound together with this fun sound identification game. You will need to play different types of music so that everyone has a chance to explore each sense involved in the 5 senses experience. Perhaps have a music time with 5 sense exploration where everyone takes turns matching each item. You can also add multiple activities and quizzes for the children, like by sound identifying who is talking. This will also help in creating a better bond between the family.

  1. Taste


 or 5 senses activity for kids: After looking at 5 senses pictures, try having the children taste various objects that would be used in 5 senses exploration - chocolate cake, orange juice, etc. This 5 sense activity is sure to keep them busy! You can also play a game where you put a blindfold on the child and let them guess the food items with just the taste of it. These can be super fun activities and will also help the child in exploring things.

  1. Sight 

5 Senses Activity for Kids: 5 sense activities can be small little things that can go a long way in helping the child understand the 5 senses. Ask your kid to identify different animals or birds present around him by looking only. This will help develop the observation skills of children as well as introduce them to several animals from which they might learn something new. You can also try this by making them identify various objects as well as showing them pictures of family members and their peers. This will count as great exercises for their brain as this allows exploring the given side of the brain.




Let your kid explore all the 5 senses of organs through these activities. It will help them in their personal and professional growth. Moreover, these will allow them to explore things and will make them great observers. As well as 5 senses activities will help them to grow and learn new things. The 5 sense activities also provide a great opportunity for your kid to come out of their shell and mingle with others. So it is worth giving it a try. As they grow up their ability develops with time, so let''s have some fun exploring this sense.

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