12 ways to encourage physical activity for kids

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Kids these days are growing up in an environment where it is so easy to stay on the couch and play video games or sit at home on their phones. It can be difficult to get kids off their butts and out of the house for some physical activity. This blog post will provide you with 12 ways that you can encourage physical activity for kids to be more active.


Top 12 ways to encourage physical activity for kids

Following are the top 12 ways to encourage physical activity for kids so that they can be more active:

1. Have your kid''s friends over to play- 


There are many different ways that you can get kids active by having their friends over to play at the house. This is a great way for them to have fun when they are outside playing basketball, throwing footballs or even just running around in the backyard. It also provides an opportunity for parents who might not be as physically fit themselves to encourage physical activity with other children and model it for their child too!

2. Make-up games- 

Another strategy of getting kids off of the couch is by making up games that will bring them out into the yard, park, or down onto the beach for some outdoor fun together. The best part about this is that there are an endless amount of games that can be invented and played with another person or a group of people.

3. Play age-appropriate sports - 

One way to do this is by enrolling your child in an organized sport such as soccer, basketball, baseball, etc... This will allow them the opportunity not only to learn how to play but also improve upon their skills while doing so! Also, consider joining alongside your kids when you can add encouragement.

4. Make it fun - 

Another great tip is making physical activity something that doesn''t feel like work at all! Set up obstacle courses outside where they have to jump over objects, crawl under things and climb over obstacles; come up with creative ways for them to run around to get some exercise.

5. Challenge yourself - 

Physical activity for kids doesn''t have to be limited only to the kids! Being active with your child is a great way for you both to bond while getting in some exercise at the same time! If basketball isn''t quite your thing then try taking them out on bike rides or hikes instead! It''s always important to find activities that are enjoyable because if it''s not something they look forward to, there will be less of an incentive for them to continue doing it when no one else is around.

6. Make healthy food choices together - 

Eating right plays just as big of a role in proper development as physical activity does so why don''t we get our children by making healthier food choices together!

7. Put away the video games - 

Encourage spending time in helping physical activity for kids by playing outside by putting away their video gadgets and systems so they can''t keep asking you for them! While it may be hard at first to break old habits, if we show our children that there is a real-world out here, wait, then they''ll want to get involved in sports or other fun activities instead of just sitting inside all day watching TV.

8. Spend family time together - 


Family game night doesn''t have to only involve board games like Monopoly or Scrabble; try taking turns trying new things such as bowling, tennis lessons, or even ice skating! There are lots of cheap activities around where everyone can make memories while staying active. This can be a great way to encourage physical activity for kids.

9. Encourage kids to get involved in outdoor activities - 


Every child is different and they''ll all enjoy a variety of activities, but encouraging them to explore their interests can help give them direction when it comes time for career choices or college classes later on. The more experiences that you provide your children with the better!

10. Teaching exercises to kids: 

This can be a great way to encourage physical activity for kids. It can also be lots of fun. You can learn yoga together, go on nature walks for some good exercise and fresh air, or even try out some exercises from their favourite fitness influencers.

11. Take them for camping:


Camping is one of those amazing activities that you can use to encourage physical activity for kids and it is that activity that you just have to do as a family at least once! Not only is it an excellent opportunity for everyone in the family to spend quality bonding time, but being outside makes children more aware of their surroundings which encourages active playtime afterwards with friends and family members outside your usual social circle too!

12. Sign them up for sports:


If your child is already old enough to participate in an organized sport, then that''s a great way to encourage physical activity for kids and movement all year round! Even if it starts as something they don''t want to do, kids need guidance from their parents and encouragement throughout life so take advantage of these early years when they are more likely to listen.




You can encourage physical activity for kids by changing their environment and making it more conducive to movement. There are so many ways you can do this, such as providing a variety of healthy snacks instead of just apples or oranges; turning off the television for an hour each day so they can play outside with friends; encouraging them to take up sports like soccer, tennis, swimming and running that will get them moving all over the place. Let us know what other ideas you have! We’d love to hear from parents who want healthier children but don''t know where to start.''

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