12 healthy tips for kids to promote their healthy lifestyle

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Kids today are exposed to so many unhealthy habits that it is hard for parents to keep up. We know how important it is for kids to live a healthy lifestyle, but what can we do about the constant barrage of junk food advertisements and fast-food restaurants? Fortunately, there are 12 day-to-day health tips for kids to lead a healthy lifestyle every day.


Top 12 day to day health tips for kids

Following are the top 12 day to day health tips for kids

1. Playing sports

Playing sports is one of the foremost health tips for kids. There are so many different kinds of games that you can play outside, including basketball, baseball, football, soccer, or tennis. It doesn''t even have to be an organized game–your child could start up their version of the NFL with friends in the backyard! The more physical activity they get regularly will help them live healthier lives as adults.

2. Eat breakfast every day


Eating breakfast every day helps give children energy throughout the day; it also prevents over-eating during lunchtime because they aren''t starving yet. If your kid isn''t hungry when they wake up from sleep, let them have a nutritious breakfast bar or fruit to hold them over.

3. Buy fresh fruits and vegetables at the grocery store every week

When you buy produce from the grocery store, it is going to be healthier than if your child ate something processed because they are more likely to get natural vitamins that way. If you don''t want to cook with what you bought–and who would blame you after a long day of work?–just throw together a salad for dinner!

4. Eat some protein in every meal

Protein helps build muscle mass, which can lead to stronger bones and joints later on in life. While there aren''t any disadvantages associated with eating too much protein, make sure that your child is eating the right amount and not too much.

5. Limit screen time to one hour a day or less

If your child is watching TV, playing video games, or on their phone for more than an hour a day then they are wasting away valuable hours that could be used to get outside and play with friends! The best part about limiting your children''s intake of screens is that it can help improve sleep quality at night.

6. Give your kids freedom

Confining children to a small area or telling them what they can and cannot do at all times is not healthy. You must give children the opportunity to make decisions as well, so when they are older and have more responsibilities (like work), it will be second nature for them. Allow your child some free time every day where he/she can play freely without interruption.

7. Take a morning and evening walk

Taking a walk together before dinner and after breakfast is an excellent way to bond with your child. This also sets the tone for the day, letting everyone know that it''s time for work or school once they have eaten their meals and put away their dishes.

8. Help children learn about good nutrition early on

When you first start introducing solid food into your baby''s diet, try giving them fruits rather than cereal if possible because of all of the nutrients typically found in fruit fibre, vitamins A & C). If you are breastfeeding your infant, continue doing so as long as possible because this helps protect against obesity later on down the line.

9. Limit the amount of sugar your child ingests


Sugar can be found in almost everything kids eat and drink, but you should cut back on their intake as much as possible. Try to stick to fresh fruit (without any added sugar) instead of canned fruits which are often loaded with extra sugars or corn syrup.

10. Plan out meals ahead of time


Planning out your family''s mealtimes is one of the great health tips for kids. This also makes it easier if there comes a time where someone has unexpected company over since you won''t need to stop what you''re doing and run around trying to make enough food to feed the extra person.

11. Be active as often as possible

Being active is one of the good health tips for kids. It''s important to get kids in front of an action-packed screen like TV, video games or computers at least once every other day, but ideally, those kinds of activities would be reserved for weekends so that during the weekdays children could instead play outside whenever they want. This also makes it easier if there comes a time where someone has unexpected company over since you won''t need to stop what you''re doing and run around trying to make enough food to feed the extra person.

12. Try starting your garden with kids


Starting up your small garden is one of the good health tips for kids because not only are they getting involved in helping out, but this will help them learn about nature as well which can be helpful later on when their science classes start teaching them more complicated lessons. Furthermore, having a little patch of land that''s yours just gives children an attachment point so that taking care of plants becomes part of who they are.




Kids are our future, and they need to be healthy for them to grow up into happy adults. That’s why it is so important that we take the time each day to help teach and guide them on how to stay well. We hope you have found these 12 health tips for kids helpful when you talk with your kids about their health! Make sure you share this article if there is someone else who could benefit from these great ideas too!

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