10 tips to play safe holi with your child

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Holika was the sister of the devil king Hiranyakashyap, who wanted to kill his own son Prahlad because he denied to consider him a god. Since Holika has a divine power that makes her immune to fire, Hiranyakashyap asked her to sit in the pyre with Prahlad in her lap. However, when Holika sits in the pyre, she has a change of heart and wishes to transfer her boon to Prahlad to save his life. AS a result Holika was burned to death while little Prahlad survived.

Holi is a two day celebration. We celebrate Holika’s sacrifice by lighting a bonfire which is continued by the next day’s color splash. Now that we know why we celebrate Holi. It is important to know How we can celebrate Holi with our little ones safely.


You don’t want to ruin your Holi celebrations due to some ignorance regarding safety measures that need to be taken for kids during this color splash. That is why safe color play tips for kids become of utmost importance this time to keep them safe during the festive season and make it a safe holi for them. 


Here''s a list of 10 safe holi yet fun environment-friendly ways that you can enjoy the festival without worrying about anything!

 Use safe and environment-friendly colors

Build up your safe color kit with natural and safe colors like turmeric, sandalwood powder, beetroots, kumkum, and dry fruit peels instead of using synthetic and toxic chemical-based dangerous colors. Not only these safe colors are environmentally friendly but also add a unique smell and taste to the festive event. You can opt for organic colors as well. This is an essential step to consider while playing safe holi with kids. 


Instead of using water guns and water balloons use safe earthen clays as safe missiles

Try making safe clay-safe missiles that not only will serve the purpose but add a unique feeling to this festival. No matter how hard your child hits with his missile, it won''t cause any pain or harm to him. And also you can even make safe clay ducks and safe clay swans along with safe clay fruits and safe clay flowers instead of throwing them directly at people. This is one of the important things to teach your children, to ensure they are playing safe holi. 

 Keep it safe for the eyes

Always make sure that the safe color powders or water-based safe color liquids you use while playing Holi with kids are safe for their sensitive eyes. Check out the ingredients on the pack before buying it. Also, teach your children not to open their eyes while someone showers them with a safe color powder or liquid as a very diluted solution may enter the eye and cause irritation and pain in their eyes. To have a safe holi for kids, do take care of the eyes. 

 Make sure your child doesn''t stay drenched for long

While safe water-based safe color liquids or safe color powders are safe for the eyes and safe to touch, kids tend to play with it for longer times making their bodies wet. And if they don''t change clothes, don''t wash them well, and keep sitting in wet clothes then there may be chances of getting skin infections like rashes or itching.

 Keep it safe to eat

Though safe color powders and safe liquid colors made from food dyes are safe still we should not recommend our children to taste these things. Just because something is safe doesn''t mean it''s meant to be tested by humans. So while playing safe Holi, always make sure that your children don''t go around licking others'' faces while playing Holi.


Keep safe water handy

Make sure you always have safe drinking water with you. When children go mad on hold, they may tend to wet themselves more than usual and play with safe gulal for longer times which can make them thirsty resulting in dehydration. During this time keep safe drinking water with you so that your children stay hydrated. And also don''t let them drink excess water at once rather give them safe water in periodic intervals as too much safe drinking water will not be good for their health as well.

 Sun protection is a must

You should protect yourself from the sun as much as possible because when it''s sunny outside sunlight falls directly on our skin due to which harmful UV rays come inside our bodies. These UV rays not only damage our skin but also cause other problems like cancer, sunburn, etc. So, always wear safe sunscreen with safe SPF so that your child''s skin does not get hurt because of safe sunlight and stays safe from harmful diseases of the sun. This is an important step to ensure your child is having a safe holi. 

 Take care of their eyes

Children also face a lot of risk of getting any kind of eye infection during holi so it becomes really important to take care of their eyes while playing safe holi. What you can do is clean safe water on his or her safe eyelids at least twice a day to keep you safe from eye infections or irritation caused due to chemicals present in the gulal during the holi which can lead to swelling and pain in the eyes. And safe goggles will also protect safe eyes during safe holi.


 Allergy safe colors

Holi colors are the most common source of allergies as these safe colors can safely cause safe skin irritation and safe rashes on the safe skin. So it is important to keep your child''s skin safe from such reactions by avoiding colors that can be allergic to children like red and yellow as they contain toxic substances.

 A good diet before and after holi

A healthy diet before and after holi will help them play safe holi without getting tired easily so you should give them organic foods with fewer amounts of chemicals and different kinds of fresh fruits and green vegetables during this event of fun, frolic, and games with friends. And a balanced diet is highly recommended for everyone but it becomes even more important for children as their growing body needs the right kind of nutrients which will help in the healthy immune system, growth, and development.




To have a safe holi is not just safe for your child but safe for all of you. Don''t let them eat junk food. Give them safe holi with fun and frolic for a healthy body, mind, and soul. So, go ahead and have fun with friends and family to enjoy this festival of colors.

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