10 Things Parents Should Be Teaching Kindergarten Kids

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It''s never too early to start teaching kindergarten kids basic life skills. Whether you''re a new parent or have been around the block for some time, you can still teach your child valuable life lessons before they enter kindergarten.

Transitioning from preschool to kindergarten can be difficult for some kids. They''re no longer the little star of their own show. Many new people are introduced in their life, and an overprotective parent might let this get in the way of a beneficial experience. You want your child to have a good time and make some great relationships with the other kids in their class. While some children are naturally independent and capable of fending for themselves, others aren''t so lucky. This is where teaching kindergarten children some basic life skills can come in handy. 

Here are some important life lessons you can teach kindergarten kids to help them succeed at their new school.


10 Skills You Should Be Teaching Kindergarten Kids


The most important thing parents can teach their children is how to be social. Helping your child learn this skill, along with developing physical dexterity, is crucial for a successful start in kindergarten. Here''s our list of 10 things you should be teaching kindergarten kids: 

1. Being able to say ''no.''

Saying no is an integral part of developing self-determination and autonomy. Sometimes people might think this means that we don''t care about what they want, but that''s not true at all. It''s a matter of teaching them how to make healthy choices for themselves and handle disappointment appropriately.

2. Teach kids how to read.

Reading is an essential life skill that prepares students not only for academics but also for social and emotional success. Teaching kindergarten kids how to read helps them build a foundation on which they can grow their literacy skills and understand complex literature throughout their lives. Reading is also an important part of being able to learn how to communicate in all types of situations, as well as think critically.

3. Teach kids how to take responsibility for their actions.

It''s imperative to teach kindergarten children how to take responsibility for their actions. Teach them that their actions have consequences, and thus they should try to make good choices. When children understand that all their decisions affect them, they become more mindful of their behaviour.


4. Teach kids basic manners.

Even though teaching kids manners may seem very old-fashioned, teaching them how to treat others is not. Having good manners impacts their self-socialization skills and builds rapport with other children. Teach them how to accept a compliment or respond confidently to criticisms.

5. Teach kids how to make friends.

When teaching kindergarten kids how to make friends, it''s crucial to not only know the basics of interacting with others but also how to keep their friends close. It is vital to explain to them the importance of keeping true friendships over superficial ones.

6. Teach a child how to accept criticism.

Another important thing is teaching kindergarten kids how to deal with criticism. Criticism can be a positive learning experience as it helps them learn and grow in the long run. It gives them a sense of maturity, showing them that there''s always room for improvement, even when confronted by complaints from elders or their classmates.


7. Teaching kindergarten kids the art of sharing.

Teaching kindergarten kids the importance of sharing is also a vital life lesson. Kids can start to argue and fight when they need something. Teaching them how to share is thus a lesson they need.

8. Teaching them to develop healthy eating habits.

Every parent wants their child to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It doesn''t matter if a child loves something and wants to eat it five times a day. Parents should guide children on how many times they can eat certain food and still maintain good health.

9. Teaching kindergarten children how to take care of a pet

Kindergarten children should also learn how to take care of a pet. It might be one of the best lessons to learn in life. Pets teach kids so much about love, responsibility, and patience, thus preparing them for future relationships. Teaching kindergarten kids how to feed and clean up after their pets will also teach them to be responsible as they grow older.


10. Teaching kindergarten to be honest, no matter what!

Kids are always trying to get away with things. It''s a natural part of growing up, and, for the most part, they''re pretty good about telling the truth when they know there will be consequences. But sometimes, kids tell little white lies to cover up what happened or avoid getting into trouble. This habit can lead to problems down the line- like having them lie to you about important things. That''s why teaching your kids honesty from a young age is one of the best things you can do as a parent! 



The key to raising a happy, successful child is in the small things. It''s not just about sending your kid off to school with their homework and lunch packed (though that helps). Children need love, guidance, encouragement, and most importantly - parents who are there for them every step of the way. If you want to see your little one grow up into an amazing person, then get started now by teaching them these 10 things before they enter kindergarten.

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