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Dressing up can be a lot of fun, especially when it''s an event specially designed to dress in a unique costume. Fancy dress competitions are enjoyable because they allow your child or you to dress up as a character or object without feeling odd.

If you are looking for ideas for a fancy dress competition, this blog post is exactly what you need! We will go over ten ideas that can help make your event the best it could be. These ideas range from decorations to prizes, so no matter what plans you have in mind, one of these ideas will ace it!


History of fancy dress competition


The idea of wearing costumes and the need to create them from scratch in a short period is what led to competition. These competitions are usually done on Halloween or when people want to set a theme party.

It''s noting that it was not until 1878, with the founding of the first known fancy dress ball, that organized contests became popularized. The growing popularity leads to more formalization, resulting in structure rules, categories, and prizes being added over time without any significant changes.

To shine in such a historically renowned tradition, here are ten ideas for a fancy dress competition!

1. Banana fancy dress

A banana costume can be created by painting the body yellow and wearing an oversized, tight-fitting suit or dress. There''s something special about this costume because it is still super funny no matter how pretty it looks! If you don''t want a DIY, there are plenty of banana dresses that are sold.

2. Cotton candy fancy dress

This look is easy to make with just two items. The first being long white gloves that cover your forearms. The second item needed would be soft material like cotton balls to put on the head as if it were hair for this hairstyle. The look will be completed by wearing a light pink or white dress that has short sleeves.

3. Cookie dough fancy dress

A cookie dough costume would need to have the person''s hair styled messy and wild with some brown, curly wig on top of it. Then all you''ll need is a shirtless bodysuit in any colour that can be found at your local store for this one. Go with some sky blue slippers for shoes because they''re cute and match what this costume stands for! This is undoubtedly among the iconic ideas for a fancy dress competition.

4. Cinderella dress

Cinderella is a story that will never be forgotten. So many movies are being directed with this story to date, not to let this legendary story go to waste. It is so popular that people name their children Cinderella even though it is even her real name! If you want to be Cinderella, then get your hair styled into a high bun and wear the dress pictured above. A princess tiara will top off this look nicely!

5. Ghost costume ideas

A person could go as a ghost by painting their face white with either black or light blue dots for their eyes. Dressing in all-white clothing, including gloves, would complete this one''s outfit but make sure they have something on their feet so it can''t show through the clothes! This is one of the famous ideas for a fancy competition because it is funny, spooky, and easy! All in one!

6. Spiderman


Speaking of ideas for a fancy competition, one shouldn''t forget Marvel characters! One of the iconic characters, spiderman, will do just fine for a fancy dress contest. Get a blue jumpsuit and put some detail on the spider symbol. Make sure to include white gloves, black boots, a red mask with eyes and hair, yellow belt while wearing it all!

7. Dinosaur outfit

Rawr! One of the ideas for a fancy dress competition is to be a dinosaur! Get your hands on some green fabric and sew it into a long-sleeved shirt. Sew brown spots onto the chest, neckline, and sleeves while sewing red patches near the bottom hem. You can add buttons or zippers if you want to!

8. Kooky clown

A kooky circus clown will make an excellent entry in the top ideas for a fancy dress competition. Start by wearing blue jeans with white polka dots (or any colour). Wear a colourful checkered vest over them and then put on crazy makeup like black eyeliner around their eyes, cheeks covered in blush, lipstick colours such as pink highlighted lips, or dark purple lipsticks just below their nose.

9. Bunny rabbit

A bunny is also one of the famous ideas for a fancy dress competition that''s great for kids. Start by wearing brown or light blue jeans (or any colour). Wear white tennis shoes and then place two cotton balls on the front of their shirt near the collarbone, making sure one has whiskers and ears while also adding eyes with black buttons. If you want to be extra cute, make some baby carrots out of felt!

10. Monkey in suit

If ideas for fancy dress competitions are lacking - get creative with this challenging idea! Begin by wearing brown trousers paired with either a dark red blazer jacket or navy-blue coat; wear them over a matching polo shirt and tie your hair back into a neat bun with a few strands framing your face. Attach these pieces with glue and then attach them onto the jacket using safety pins as needed! For the monkey, use brown or black felt and cut-out ears, hair (for patches), hands, feet, two eyes, and an upside-down mouth to make it look like it''s grinning.


Final thoughts


The first thing people have to do is get creative! Look through their closet or see if they can borrow something from someone else that matches the event''s theme because it''s always more fun to dress up with a theme in mind. Also, feel free to add your spoon of style to it! With these ideas for a fancy dress competition, your child can surely be in the spotlight in school!

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