10 cons of being a single child

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Have you heard people stereotyping that a child with no siblings can have trouble sharing, socializing with other children, and making a compromise? Perhaps you’ve even heard that these children grow up lonely and have poor social skills. Being a single child comes with its own set of pros and cons, just like any other family situation. No single child has the same story to share. While there will be pros as well as cons of being a single child, it is important to know that a child with no siblings can be as happy and as successful as those with siblings.


You must know there are advantages and disadvantages according to the child''s as well as family’s point of view that a single child faces throughout the lifetime.

However, there are a few cons of being a single child that they might face day-to-day. In this blog, we are going to discuss the same.


Here is the list of 10 cons of being a single child. The list is as follows:

Single child might get lonely-

 This is one of the biggest cons of being a single child as without siblings, your little ones might get lonely from time to time as he/she doesn''t have a companion to play with. They can easily be emotionally attached to their parents but often feel abandoned. Having a sibling helps the child to get support. Single children try to compensate for their loneliness by getting attached more to their toys and stuffed animals. Single children need to understand that parents are always there with them and they can share things with them without any sort of hesitation or fear of losing their attention.


 Parents'' expectations-

 Sometimes single children tend to become selfish and egoistic as they think that they will have all that they want without sharing anything with others just because there is no other sibling. Parents need to make their child understand that family is not always about getting things done your way but also doing things together where everyone can enjoy equally by sharing and caring.

 The single child gets all the attention-

 A single child will always get all the attention and affection from his parents and no doubt this could lead him to become self-centered and selfish besides making him arrogant and overconfident for life. Single children need to understand the importance of sharing and helping others because these qualities not only make you a better human being but also enable others to help you when needed.

The single child gets spoiled with all the money-

A child without siblings will always be at an advantage in terms of financial security and stability because his parents can afford to provide him with whatever he needs and wants just because there is no other child they need to take care of. This child often loses the conscience of spending money efficiently. Parents must teach their child to save money and spend it wisely so that they too can enjoy financial stability even if they decide to live on their own when grown up.


 Single child might become a spoiled brat-

 In a single-child or one-parent family, there is often a higher risk that the single child can become spoiled because he/she becomes self-centered and feels entitled to get their every demand met. 

Find difficulty in forming a social circle-

 Single children most of the time might find themselves struggling in school  because they lack social skills like sharing.They find it difficult to mingle up with other kids and have a hard time making friends because they do not know how to interact with other kids their age. 


 No listening ear or a shoulder to lean on-

When children do not have siblings, they tend to look within themselves for solutions to problems that can be resolved through conversation with others. Oftentimes single children turn inward instead of seeking advice from older siblings whom they still think of as being better than themselves.

Not having somebody around to set an example-

single children have to learn from what they have experienced whether in school or out in the world. This leads single children to solve and address problems singlehandedly and on their own which could lead them to fail if not careful.




Being a single child comes with lots of pros and cons but parents need to understand that single children do not have to go through life alone. They can seek out help from their single child peers or older siblings who are single children too. If single children still feel that they are being left behind, parents can simply get them involved in team sports so that single children will know how to function well with others and could easily learn to master teamwork.

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