10 activities to do with your kids on women’s day

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   “ Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow”

There are many women in our lives, who have made us who we are, whether it be our mother, grandmothers or teachers. They''ve worked hard to raise the next generation to be successful.

8th march is international women''s day- a day to show appreciation for all women in your life, no matter how big or small their roles may be in your life. It''s easy to just say thank you on national women''s day but what can you do to show how much they mean to you?


This women''s day, let us help our kids to broaden their perspectives and understand the lives of women around them.


Here are effective ways to engage your children in activities that help them get to know about this very important day.

1- Donate to a cause that supports women:

Make this your family tradition where you along with your children donate some money to a charity that supports women in distress. This is a fun but very effective way to teach children the importance of  compassion and respect for women.Make them understand the problems women are dealing with in their everyday life.

2- Make kids understand the importance of Women''s day:

Create awareness about women''s day with the children in your family by asking them questions about How they feel about gender equality and women''s struggle, what happened that led to the movement that led to women empowerment., and why is women''s day celebrated. You can even provide online resources to explore further. This is one of the engaging women''s day activities for kids from which they can learn a lot.


3-Talk to them about women who achieved exceptional recognition:

What women have done in the world is not an ordinary feat. Some women were excellent leaders, women who invented something that changed lives, women who were avid poets , authors, journalists, social reformers or scientists. Talking about them will create a sense of pride in children for women around them. This will also help them understand the everyday struggle faced by women around them.

4- Educate them about women''s empowerment:

The women''s day activities for kids are not only  talking about women who achieved something extraordinary in their life but also understand the need for women empowerment.Teach them gender equality. We need to raise our littles one in a way to prepare them to fight with the stereotypes about women. Children should be taught that there are no gender specific jobs-  it is normal for a man to cook and a girl to play soccer. If you really want to raise a child who is more flexible and welcoming in the modern world, start by breaking away gender-specific stereotypes at home.

5-Discuss about the women who inspired and influenced you:

Share your story with your kids and tell them about women who have influenced you in some way or the other. These women can be women from your own family or women you have known through work, women whose books you have read, women who are activists for women empowerment, etc. Talk to them about how these women have made an impact on your life and how they continue to inspire you. This is one of the great and engaging women''s day activities for kids.



6-Show them women who made to media:

Listen to women-related content on the radio, watch women-centric films or women empowering documentaries with your kids. This would be a great way to share that women are out there doing things and can do almost anything. If you have history-based films or programs then try substituting women characters for men since it is Women''s Day after all! These are just some of the women''s day activities for kids that I have read online. There are many more which you can access by visiting our website or continuing reading here.

7- Promote gift items made by women to encourage enterpreneurship:

Visit local craft markets where women run their business from home and buy something special made by them, especially for Women’s Day. Tell your children how these women have shown that women are very capable by being able to run their own business out of their homes.


8-Encourage women artist:

Visit women artists and take your kids to see women’s art, which would include other women’s work besides paintings like photos etc. Women''s power doesn’t come only in the form of women politicians; women can also make fantastic artists!

9-Watch women centric movies:

Watch movies or TV shows with your children where there are lead female characters like “The Hunger Games'' '' or “Frozen”. Many families watch these together at home so it is a good idea to bring up women empowerment during these discussions rather than waiting till another Woman''s Day rolls around.

10-Write a letter to a women who inspired them:

We often take women in our lives for granted and don’t realize how much they mean to us. Help your children write letters thanking women like grandmothers, teachers, nurses, or anyone else who has nurtured them in some way.




 This women’s day let’s inspire our little ones to break all gender stereotypes and celebrate gender equality. It will also help kids understand what a woman does for a family, a nation, and this world. Let’s make a positive difference in our kid’s upbringing.It does not matter whether she is working women or a homemaker as both have to deal with different sets of problems. No matter how you opt to celebrate this day with your kids, take it as an opportunity to instill gender equality in your kids.


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