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About Us

Preschool programme Delivered Door-Step

We are taking homeschooling to the next level


Pre-Nursery to K2 (Ukg) | 1:30 Max. Student-Teacher Ratio | Workbooks, Picture books, flashcards, Activity Packets & Many Tools | Real schooling Fun activities.

sparklebox.school is an activity-based learning program which supports children to learn concepts through a variety of engaging activities.

The instruments and models used/assembled for the activities are designed to enhance learning through a visual & learning by doing approach.

We take the whole physical school experience ONLINE.

Every sphere in life has been transformed in the digital age. Why should schooling be an “old” one out? Bringing to you a new way of schooling, sparklebox.school is the best way to get school education from the comfort of your home.

The concept of Sparklebox.school is derived from experiences in corporates & learnings from premier institutions like IITs and IIMs.SparkleBox educational kits - an innovative activity-based learning method that makes learning as fun as playing.By keeping the batch strength to a maximum of 30 students.SparkleBox School ensures that your child gets the personal attention of expert educators with personalized lesson plans.

Enjoy the Magic of Sparklebox Home Schooling

Sparklebox.school Education is a one- stop platform for your kids which inspires them to be active and open-minded with a wide range of activities offered on the platform.

Making children learn in a highly engaging environment by involving them in the learning process through a variety of activities. We are envisioned to make each subject for the children relevant, by showing connection between concepts and activities.

Through Children are not meeting and interacting with their teacher and friends physically but the Live Interactions and virtual Meet-Ups will give them real life experience and help them develop best of their skills.