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Begin a playful learning experience!

Entering the lockdown, no parent signed up for an interrupted learning experience for their child. You experienced it, we felt it! Which is why we thought: Why not have your child embark on a learning experience that doesn’t really feel like one?

Having stayed at home, not surrounded by books or classroom, gave your little one ample opportunities to play. Days turned into months, and well, months into almost a year. So, how do you snap your kid out of the play mode? Guess what! You don’t really have to!

Welcome to SparkleBox School - Homeschooling in a box!

What exactly is Sparklebox.School?

SparkleBox.School is a mindfully chalked out hands-on activity-based learning program, tailor-made for pre-primary students, from ages 2 to 6. The program delivers strong foundational learning in Literacy, Numeracy, Gross & Fine motor skills and in Social & Emotional development of your child.
The program is delivered at your doorstep as an all-inclusive learning kit consisting of workbooks, picture books, flashcards, activity packets and many more learning tools, supported with video lesson plans for interactive and fun learning.

Strong foundation of your child’s education, delivered at your doorstep!

How does it work?

Step 1:

Register yourself with a 3-month/1-year plan

Step 2:

Welcome the SparkleBox School Kit at your doorstep

Step 3:

Unbox week-wise packet of materials

mobile phones

Step 4:

Explore and learn from various activities in the box

Step 5:

Mark your child’s progress on the development checklist

Step 6:

Talk to our expert for any guidance

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