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What exactly is

SparkleBox.School is a carefully curated Learning Program for pre-primary pupils, ranging from age 2 to 6. Packed with workbooks, learning tools and do-it-yourselfers, the curriculum promotes early fundamental learning by engaging your child in play-based education. Delivered directly to your doorstep, the programme also includes added features like progress tracking, expert support, and instructional videos to keep you involved in your child’s growth.

Choosing a preschool is an important step in parenthood. Get all essential requirements for your toddler aged 2-6yr old, wrapped in a box! What's more? Designed by IIT & IIM Alumnus and Early Education Experts to ensure your child learns while having fun.

SparkleBox.School is a mindfully chalked out hands-on, activity-based learning Program tailor-made for pre-primary students, from ages 2 to 6. The program delivers strong foundational learning in Literacy, Numeracy, Gross and fine motor skills and in social and emotional development of your child.



with a 3, 6, 9 month


Receive the
at your doorstep


Unbox week-wise
learning kits


Explore and learn
from various activities
in the box


Mark your child’s progress
on the development


Talk to our expert
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Parent's Testimonials

Preschool At Home - Take the First Step to School with Sparklebox.School

Top pre-school learning at home. A child’s starting years in school is always challenging. Even inside brightly-coloured classrooms your children will face multiple obstacles. But unfortunately, you will find yourself unable to protect your little ones under such circumstances. This is one of the main reasons why homeschooling is better than traditional schooling. With Sparklebox.School you can train your child to face their obstacles head-on.

Preschool Learning - Best Start for Your Kid’s School

The importance of academics in a child’s life can no longer be ignored. Something as rudimentary as preschool learning can change the course of a young student’s life. Prenursery equips children with the attitude and education one needs to flourish in life. Homeschooling a child before they confront the difficulties and challenges of regular school life strengthens their foundation. Sparklebox's at-home play preschool curriculum uses the specially designed learning principles and patterns to achieve this. Our preschool programme is created after a thorough examination of a child's developing mind and body. Our nursery learning kit packed with fun activities helps your little ones put their intelligence to use and thus helps strengthen and nurture their intellectual capacity.

Did You Know Well-Organized Homeschooling Affects A Child's Efficiency?

It is said that "home is a child's first classroom," because it is here that a youngster learns to play, read, behave, and comprehend facts and knowledge. A good home preschool strengthens that foundation even more. Sparklebox School's activity-based preschool curriculum makes learning easier and more enjoyable for children. We believe in preparing a kid for future challenges, so our at-home preschool focuses on interactions that illustrate a relationship between activities and concepts. Furthermore, this is a critical age for a child, and a well-run preschool at home helps to develop the raw and impressionable minds of children. You can trust Sparklebox School to tick all the right boxes.