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Parenting has never been easy. We get you!
Right from their play time to their study time, you’re on a run to cater to their needs. Needs that play a pivotal role in them growing up, and might we focus on - only the BEST suffices for their brighter future.

So why not make a smarter move today and choose learning that’s also playing? With SparkleBox.School enroll your child in a curriculum that perfectly blends academics and extracurricular activities. Give your child an edge with a foundation that’s strong and ready to be built on further.

Welcome to SparkleBox.School - Strong Foundation for your child’s Future

What exactly is SparkleBox.School?

SparkleBox.School is a mindfully chalked out Learning Program tailor-made for pre-primary students, from ages 2 to 6. The program encourages early foundational learning with minimal screen time, ranging from subjects like Literacy, Numeracy, EVS to Arts and Dance too.
The program consists of interactive pre-recorded videos for the parents, with an all-inclusive learning kit, which is delivered at your doorstep.

Strong foundation of your child’s education, delivered at your doorstep!


How does it work?

Step 1:

Register yourself with a 3-month/1-year plan

Step 2:

Welcome the SparkleBox School Kit at your doorstep

Step 3:

Unbox week-wise packet of materials

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Step 4:

Explore and learn from various activities in the box

Step 5:

Mark your child’s progress on the development checklist

Step 6:

Talk to our expert for any guidance

Parents' Testimonials

Preschool At Home - Take the First Step to School with Sparklebox.School

Top-class preschool at home; what more can the parents ask for their child when the starting years of regular school life have become so harsh & competitive. Preschool learning of sparklebox school is crucial to prepare a child for the coming hurdles of school life. And the experience becomes even more beneficial for a child when they find this preschool at home creative & engrossing.

Preschool Learning - Best Start for Your Kid’s School

Academics have become a crucial part of a child’s life & therefore, preparing for it in advance is even more vital. Homeschooling before a child faces the troubles & hurdles of regular school life makes their foundation solid. For this, sparklebox’s preschool at home closely follows the specially designed learning guidelines & patterns.
Our preschool curriculum gets prepared by analyzing the capability of a growing mind & body of a child. As at this time aptitude of a child is remarkable, the preschool at home should present a change or pattern to them with vibrancy, & it is what our learning processes focus on. Our honest efforts in our preschool at home service are visible to parents in terms of the growing intellect of their child.

How Well-organized Homeschooling Affects a Child's Efficiency?

It is said that ’Home is the first school of a child,’ a child learns to play, read, behave & grasp facts & knowledge from here only. An effective preschool at home makes that foundation even sturdier. Activity-based preschool learning by sparklebox school makes the learning process easier & engaging for a child. Our preschool at home focuses on interactions that show a connection between activities & concepts, for we believe in preparing a child for future obstacles. Moreover, this age is crucial for a child, & an efficient preschool at home shapes the raw & young minds for the better.

The Power of Preschool Learning Kit

The efficiency of a preschool at home depends heavily on the curriculum or syllabus followed. Starting years of a child prepare him; the richer the pattern a nursery curriculum, lkg syllabus, ukg syllabus follow, the more are the chances of a child to have a brighter future. The unique combination of skill development, concept building & creativity in a preschool at home is crucial for the growth years of a child. More importantly, preschool at home is not a small affair; in fact, it extends out to multiple years, where the child passes on through steps & phases of learning, & in this, the learning curriculum is the core.